Colonial School District loses 1550 students to charter schools with a 10 million dollar negative impact

I was doing my round re: school district / charter school websites and listened in on Colonial School District’s recording of November 2014 board meeting.  

Colonial reports 1550 Colonial student opted-out for charter school at a negative impact of about 10 million dollars to the district.

Colonial is exploring the option of hiring a marketing firm to help “re-brand” Colonial.

Re-branding Colonial sounds extreme! However charter schools market themselves as a sure thing to improving student performance and we know that is a falsehood. 

I think before Colonial moves forward with such expense they need to ask some basic question as to why parents opt-out for charter schools.

One thing for sure, parents are tired of the behavior bullshit within transitional public schools. Parents first concern is safe schools and schools focused on teaching and learning. The advantage to charter schools is they can ask disruptive students to leave and for less serious behavior in-factionsTraditional public schools can’t do this and are required to provided behavior intervention at district cost. So charter schools can weed through disruptive students and dump them back in their feeder schools! They are pretty slick having counseling-out techniques down to an art.

Wilmington Penn High School has  2187 students with 49.2 African American, 27.6% White and 19.2% Hispanic. Colonial needs to review the data and determine what percentage of white and black students opt-out for charter schools. Are the needs of parents and student of different races and culture different? Colonial needs to ask some bold direct question of students and parents. Forget about question as to what do you like about Colonial. Students and parents aren’t leaving or selecting Colonial because of likes! It is the dislikes that drive them away.

It all comes down to this! What sucks about Colonial ? Surely the Colonial board can’t put out a questioner asking what sucks about Colonial! Perhaps a Colonial parents should start a blog to promote some dialogue about the pros and cons of Colonial.

At the end of the day, charters are draining funding from traditional public schools whereas programming is impacted. I don’t think that was the intent of charter schools.      


2 responses to “Colonial School District loses 1550 students to charter schools with a 10 million dollar negative impact

  1. Colonial. What are they going to call it? The Rt.13 (red light) district? We Don’t Spend Money District (Cause No One Who Lives Here Has Any) Free Handjob with Diploma District? Lipstick on a pig…