Charter School of Wilmington board member critiques Red Clay School Board members on FOIA and Robert’s Rules of Order! Go figure :)

Go figure!!!!!!!! CSW board member cries foul because Red Clay’s board vote to order Charter School of Wilmington to rescind their illegal action in changing admission preference order putting Red Clay students last didn’t follow Robert Rules of Order. CSW tried to push a self imposed “major” charter school modification without proper procedures re: state law. Red Clay is the charter approving authority and oversight authority.  

So here you have info from CSW webpage! Two months behind on posting board minutes! Look close Rep Debbie Hudson. More the reason to required recording of board meetings and post within seven day of the board meeting.

Board Agenda & Minutes 

Date Agenda Minutes
8/26/14 August 26 Agenda August 26 Minutes
9/23/14 September 23 Agenda September 23 Minutes – Draft
10/7/14 October 7 Agenda  
10/28/14 October 28 Agenda  
11/25/14 November 25 Agenda  
12/8/14 December 8 Agenda

And here you have Red Clay recordings of “last night’s” board meeting already posted on Red Clay’s webpage


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