Red Clay MOU – Priority Schools- District and State as submitted.

The District shall assign an administrative leader who shall serve as a liaison to the School (“Liaison”) and who shall be responsible for ensuring that all District services necessary to implement or achieve the goals of the Plan are provided to the Schools.

And there you have, another administrative job!

Funding for Additional Programs.

 The District shall not require the Schools to provide any mandatory supplemental programs for which it has not received funding and which are not required by the Plans. The State shall not require the District to provide any District funds to support State -required supplemental programs for which the District has not received funding by the State.

Does thing me Doc won’t be getting paid? Are all currents SES provider contracts null and void until re-approved by new Teach for America school leader?   

It is recommended that the Board of Education approve the MOU – Priority Schools- District and State as submitted.

Motion by Catherine H Thompson, second by Martin A Wilson Sr.

Final Resolution: Motion Carries

Yes: Kenneth J Rivera, Michael Piccio, Faith R Newton, Catherine H Thompson, Martin A Wilson Sr, Kenneth R Woods

No: Adriana L Bohm


2 responses to “Red Clay MOU – Priority Schools- District and State as submitted.

  1. Publius e decere

    Similar to my comments on the District-RCEA agreement, this District-State MOU is a good deal if the state accepts it. Everyone gets somethng and gives something.

    As for your complaints:

    Administrative: You conclude a new position is created. I conclude that an existing administrator will be tasked with additional responsibilities as a professional. Just like the real world. No extra cost. Just extra effort. Productivity.

    Programs: I’m not entirely sure of what the tortured language means (a Makers Mark Moment for sure) but in general Red Clay seems to be saying that even if the state puts up their share of funds Red Clay will not have to match with a local share. This is the weakest part of the MOU. But I believe DOE has no intention of scuttling a reasonable MOU over this and it will probably be accepted with some adjustment after a bit of minor league showboat rassling.

    Kudos to the Red Clay leadership, staff, faculty, and union in coming to this MOU consensus. The state would be foolish to reject it out of hand, but they would also be diminished if they don’t at least try and negotiate some aspects. Hopefully the Red Clay side will show enough perspicacity to engage and resolve. I believe they will.