It doesn’t take a national poll to prove the obvious! Wilmington black children being victimized by DE DOE

Poll: 57 Percent of Americans Say Race Relations in U.S. Are Bad BY CARRIE DANN NBCNEWS 

A majority of Americans now say that race relations in the United States are bad, according to the latest NBC News/ Wall Street Journal poll, which showed the most pessimistic assessment of racial issues in almost two decades.

Kilroy has been bitching for years about the inequalities and the force busing that still exist in Wilmington Delaware.

Yes force busing still exist and it’s not a real social issues because it only applies to Wilmington students mostly black being bused to suburban traditional schools. Also being victimized by a school choice program more obtainable for whites. 

How many traditional public high schools in Wilmington are there? NONE! How many traditional Red Clay middle and high schools are located in Wilmington? NONE! How do Wilmington’s poor minorities whose parents don’t have reliable transportation take advantage of Choice school? THEY DON’T. Why are all the new elementary schools being built in Red Clay targeted in white growth areas in the suburbs?

Wilmington has been deemed one of the worst cities in America re: MURDER! What’s going on in Wilmington isn’t a result of bad cops or policing! When you have a public schools system lead by self-proclaimed capitalist it all becomes about money and appeasing white friends even to the extent of giving a few select brothers a $$$$$ taste.

All the new money being pumped into Delaware’s public education including “priority schools” hasn’t yielded more classroom teachers. It has created more administrative positions, consultants, more testing, more so-called investments in new assessment tools aka more testing and charter schools that fuel re-segregation warehousing black children in commercial buildings without outdoor sports fields and amenities rivaling predominantly white charter schools.

In deed a racial time bomb is ticking in American and “Delaware”. Arne Duncan equates the latest education reform initiatives as a civil rights movement! He claims, education is the most important civil rights issue of this generation. Hello McFly Duncan, civil rights itself in the broad sense is the most important civil rights issue of “everyday”.

Folks, why is Title 1 funding being used to pay SAT fees for all students even those not classified living in poverty?  Why did Governor Markell request a NCLB wavier eliminating SES requirement provisions? Why did Governor Markell request a NCLB wavier eliminating the requirement provisions of Title 1 Section 1118? Why is Governor Markell turning his back on charter school individuals using school monies as personal piggy-banks! Why is Governor Markell turning his back on excessive out of state transportation for DE DOE and many schools particularly high poverty charter schools? Collaboration should start at home in “Delaware” not Vegas !  

Wilmington school children are failing because Wilmington parents aren’t stepping up! The recent events in America involving young blacks is a social concern for all of us. However, when will Wilmington’s parents march protesting the murdering of their children’s education or one way busing?  The condition of Delaware public education that serves black children is murder! The stamping out the voice of parents by the governor is murder! Delaware DOE’s alignment to political agenda serving the egos of the likes of Jack Markell is murder! Without fair and equitable education afforded to our children of color their future holds greater chances of being a murderer or being murder than that of their white peers. Equitable is the keyword

The injustices at the hands of justice and police is a major concern ripping at the fabrics of America.  However, the behavior of our governor and his band of political DE DOE political puppets is immoral. 

Waiting and allowing rich white billionaire and millionaire white men to lead black children to a more prosperous public education is like waiting for Santa Claus to come down the chimney in July. 


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  1. Publius e decere

    Didn’t get your Wheaties this morning?

    Now that you have swept up nearly every social issue and personal crime in Delaware laid it at the feet of billionaires who are “taking over” education, maybe you could settle on describing for us commoners a ten-point plan for education in Delaware which lays out what should happen, who should pay, and why the payors and payees alike will embrace it. Kilroy for Governor. That’s the ticket —-

    I heard there was a recent call on the Gratuitous Billioinaire’s Hotline — Ross “I’m Al Ears” Perot is apparently waiting for your plan.


    • 10 Points:

      1. Student funding based on student need
      2. More teachers
      3. Reduce district and DDOE staff by at least 30% – since their only job is to “make work” for teachers and create obstacles. Who do you think came up with “Whole language” and the new, newer, newest math?
      4. Consolidate school districts
      5. Smaller class sizes
      6. Public elementary schools with a consistent foundational curriculum that prepares every K-5 student for middle school programs – which is where different education paths may begin.
      7. If we must keep Choice, then we need to provide transportation to those who cannot access Choice due to transportation restrictions
      8. Special interest schools/programs must weigh a students advantages and disadvantages. For example, if a student has an interest in the arts or sciences, being able to afford piano lessons or science camps should not be the reason a student gets into a school. Allowing families in who can financially cushion a child’s résumé doesn’t mean that that child has more of an interest than another child whose family cannot afford those things.
      9. Placing support staff (psychologists, guidance, etc.) in our neediest schools to handle problems not seen at more affluent schools.
      10. Start using “The Test” correctly. This means using the test to identify problems and address them by allocating resources based on need – not using the test to simply give a useless gold star to those who pass the test.

      Who pays? Everyone – since everyone suffers when we write off certain populations. That is the point of public education, no? Public education doesn’t mean just providing for my kid, right?

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    • lastDEconservative

      Shorter. Much shorter.

      Socialist Utopia. Human nature and personal responsibility be damned.


    • kilroysdelaware

      Hey General Lee almost didn’t see old Dixie hanging out your back pocket.

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    • Pandora – its easy to say cut DDOE by 30% – actually the entire department could be gone along with the DOE, but where would you cut 30% from districts? and dont say ‘bloated admin’. being pretty involved with several districts over the years, most of them are runing pretty slim, save for the hires based on testing requirements by the DDOE. what particular positions would you cut?


    • Publius e decere

      Observations on pandora’s 10-point plan:

      1. More money. Presumably you are spending more money, not reallocating “from” haves “to” have-nots.
      2. More money (alot)
      3. Saving money is OK. Let’s take it further. Let’s eliminate defined-benefits pension liabilities and convert everyone to a defined-contribution pension plan aka 401K. Just like the real world.
      4. Good luck with that. I agree, however.
      5. More money (alot), for expense AND capital.
      6. So long as curriculum addresses standards (the CCSS) I’m OK
      7. More money
      8. This does nothing to improve underperforming schools. Nice try. But most people will not support using THEIR children to support YOUR social engineering experiments. Parents individually want the best choices for their kids. And recognition for hard work. Full stop.
      9. More money. And don’t forget paying for high-performance coaches to bring out the best in the high-potential kids who otherwise would coast through an undifferentiated classroom and who also deserve an education according to their needs
      10. Can’t disagree with the need for diagnostic tests. But we also need clear summartive tests. The former is a teaching tool, the latter gives evidence of value received for expenses made. This one is “More Money” also.

      So let’s see. Six “more money”. One “less money”. The other three are philosophical — and questionable.

      So more money wins. How about this: more money in exchange for results or else ensure that “cohort redundancy” happens. Nothing like a little Survivor peer pressure to ensure results, eh? Who better to decide on the weak links that the team members themselves? And if they hang together and fail, then the public get the Cohort Solution. Seems tough but fair for unionized “professionals”. You game?



    • Pandora,
      Look up Kansas City schools to see your plan in action. They spent millions/ billions trying to do many of the things you describe (Choice transportation, counseling, new facilities) to lure suburbanites into the system and provide extremely high quality facilities to the more urban communities. The facilities are great but it didn’t and won’t ever be able to address the social issues and it hasn’t coerced students to choose them over their more local schools. This is the fallacy of “more money”. Money is a component but is does not solve the more human problems that an educational system cannot solve. Meanwhile the progressive attitude is more “weighted” funding but there isn’t an academic return and there isn’t a social behavioral shift up. Hoping it will happen doesn’t make it so. The liberal and progressive commentary thrown around here is being played out in places throughout the U.S. in different cities and communities. Money/ resources funneled into the educational system for social services is NOT proving there is direct relationship nor providing an academic return. It is, in fact, fueling Americans to seek their own solutions to obtain the results they actually want. (better education without the political correctness and bureaucracy- DOE, governor, DSEA and other Federal intrusion)


    • Publius e decere

      Midnight Ryder hits another nail on its head. Whack-A-Mole Warrior!


  2. No dog in this fight

    Kilroy wrote, “Why are all the new elementary schools being built in Red Clay targeted in white growth areas in the suburbs?”

    Isn’t that the logical place to build a new elementary school — in the area where the people live??


    • The NSA does not require the building of schools. RCCD built these new schools despite having enough space at existing schools.


    • kilroysdelaware

      “Isn’t that the logical place to build a new elementary school — in the area where the people live??”

      So are you saying black Red Clay Wilmington children without neighborhood middle and high schools are people ? Or it’s no logical to accommodate black Wilmington children with neighborhood schools? Wait! Are you suggesting we must make sure all elementary Red Clay student suburbs and city have neighborhood elementary schools before we can address middle and high schools for Wilmington children.

      But you really are on to something whereas many outside of Wilmington block out the city as if people don’t live there or perhaps black people aren’t people

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    • Kilroy
      Consolidate School districts and all of sudden the stupidity of demanding every district provide duplicate facilities in the city becomes readily apparent.

      Eliminate all the busing, which saves money and consolidates the efforts focused on social issues in a manner that makes those efforts more efficient. Choice issues become easier and facility needs become more focused.

      You are going to have racially identifiable schools in the city and that is not as a result of the state or schools actively creating segregated schools. It is a result of where people live. If you don’t like where you live, it is your U.S. right and privilege to seek out where you want to live for whatever your reasons. Using the schools as redistributive tool is not responsible use of resources. A judge is not the moral authority of where people should live, nor is he the moral authority to dictate who a parent must allow access to their children. This isn’t a racist comment, it is a freedom guaranteed by the Constitution for the pursuit of individual liberty. This is your race fallacy Kilroy. I don’t care what race my kids go to school with, I DO care who they are being exposed to and what lessons they are learning. I don’t want my 5 year old being taught to beat up another 5 year old and I shouldn’t have to. I don’t want my H/S child learning how to make a drug drop or shoot up and I shouldn’t have to. Diversity isn’t the issue.


    • No dog in this fight

      Kilroy — Do you mean that children in the city of Wilmington don’t have elementary schools close to them in the city? I’m talking about elementary only — many districts only have a couple of middle and high schools, so most students aren’t close to the schools. But I think all elementary children should be able to go to school close to home.


    • kilroysdelaware

      No dog in this fight,

      The Neighborhood Schools Act made no distinction between elementary, middle and high school and refers to neighborhood schools.

      Red Clay took Conrad Middle a feeders school and made it a 6-12 magnet school and all Choice (no feeder). However, once in graduating from 8th grade the student has to apply to 9-12 component. This was after the NSA and after Red Clay’s NSA plan was approved. Conrad is an opt in whereas it should be opt /choice out. The did this because the understandable students have parents that don’t give a rat’s ass! But whatever, Conrad was a middle feeder school and DE DOE should of only approved the high school at best as a magnet but than again why shouldn’t the high school be a feeder school?

      Red Clay is about to push turning Warner into K-2 and Shortlidge into 3-5. Parents aren’t asking for this and Red Clay is mixing the Kool-aid!

      There is elementary seat in Red Clay Wilmington schools why build new schools? The original plan for the Cooke school was k-8 but they realized that woulds open a major can of civil right worms!


  3. lastDEconservative

    Once again I hang my racist head, cowed before Kilroy’s ravings.

    I’m responsible for my child, but the parent on a different street is not.

    Because s/he is not, I am a racist, and/or taking advantage, and must pay penance (and tuition and food bills and transportation costs – for starters, and at the expense of my own child’s’ same).

    Because I am white, all the above plus a heavy penalty, in treasure and in standing.

    And so on.

    Man, this is really, really, really old and tiresome. It also erases any shred of credibility in any other area of commentary or expose.


    • But yet you come here a few times a week, if not more, and give the same old comments for something you find “old and tiresome”. Credibility goes out the window for accusing someone else of the same thing you do.


    • Publius e decere

      LDC: Have faith. Midnight Ryder said it best: “Using the schools as a redistributive tool is not a responsible use of resources.” This narrative has some traction.
      Just because you are flush, colorless and individually responsible shouldn’t get you down. Look at Weird Al Yankovic — he hit the charts with his “White and Nerdy” parody so it goes to show that anything respectfully disrespectful can be respectable.
      You come here for the sport of barrel fishing. Keep on keeping on! And keep in mind: Sic transit gloria.