Delaware charter school movement is question due to Governor Markell’s blundering DE DOE flying monkeys

Hopefully our state legislators can see the Delaware Department of Education is in over it’s head!  

These days the existence of DE DOE is all about all hands on deck, charter school approval and oversight is a mess. DE DOE responsibility to participate on charter schools Citizen Budget Oversight Committee required by “state law” is SHAMEFUL ! Left-coast charter implants have no concept of laws governing charter schools. Apparently Markell tells his flying monkeys ignore Title 1 and obey his command! 

Word on the street is Moyer will be coming with hat in hand saying they won’t be able to meet payroll to keep school open until end of school year. Appears to be big time shakedown by vendors! And guess who get’s the building after Moyer is closed? OMG!

Flashback to Pencader! What was it about a $300,000.00 bail out so that the Pencader corporation could pay the lawyer friends and all the vendors! Hey DE DOE !!! Where is the final Pencader state audit!

Publius, you can point your finger at me any others claiming we are anti-charters but look who is really hurting the charter movement! Other charters! The weak bottom will drag the top down! Yea yea me an my call for board recordings! You know, the charters that are sound in oversight and finances have nothing to worry about! However, as you see soon others with weak leadership will give all charters a black-eye. If there is nothing to hide there is nothing to worry about. 

The Delaware Department of Education has drifted from it core mission! They lack the capacity to be an effective partner and offer really technical assistance. But WTF ! In two years they’ll all be gone! Governor Denn will take DE DOE in a different direction that includes real-time transparency.

The Delaware Department of Education has some nerve chastising Red Clay and Christina at the same time their basement is taking on water!     


5 responses to “Delaware charter school movement is question due to Governor Markell’s blundering DE DOE flying monkeys

  1. While the oversight by the DOE and the CBOC are important, it’s important to consider here that the wrongdoing was done in a way that was outside the scope of what they would have been able to look at. They didn’t act on the information because anything they would have acted upon was deliberately hidden by FFA.

    The report on FFA points to accounts outside the state system that are not mentioned in the audit. FFA has had this report since April, but only brought it forward now. There are parents who attend their board meetings, and people are only just hearing about this report right now. In meetings, Auphsite was described as providing “contracted services,” which was plausible given the changes to the internal controls that were reportedly made at that time. According to the posted financial statements and the State system, FFA’s financial position appeared strong. Unless the school brought it forward, the CBOC wouldn’t have been able to do anything.


    • I think with them having such high p-card charges that should have been a red flag. The DOE should have someone whose sole purpose is to monitor what schools are paying vendors w/taxpayer money. I will not give the DOE a pass on this one. They dropped the ball, and they will cover their ass as much as possible. And about that Auphsite report…


    • kilroysdelaware

      DE DOE is required by “law” to have a participating member on each charter school’s Citizen Budget Oversight Committee and even if they didn’t there are the other members. The problem is, the school leaders control the meetings and the “flow” of information. The P-Card and Online checkbook should be real time data not nearly a month after the close of the quarter. HOWEVER, per law DE DOE has a responsibility and they should be helping other committee members be more “educated” ! But than again DE DOE doesn’t want well informed educated parents and community. How is the laws apply re: prioirty schools issues and not CBOC issue where DE DOE has a responsibility? IT IS TIME TO TRANSFORM DE DOE ! PURGE TIME


  2. Is the money in question Non Appropriated funds? If so, these funds are not provided state oversight by district/charter school finance committee’s, not sure who is responsible. Did we not recently have a problem on Non Appropriated funds in the Colonial SD?


  3. The PCard transactions aren’t the big issue. And the PCards are issued and monitored by Division of Accounting AND DOE.

    The report notes that the real problems were with cards other than the PCards.

    Yes, the CBOC and the DOE are responsible for oversight, but something happening out of their sight doesn’t mean that no one was watching. Crimes occur despite heavy police monitoring – people who want to break the law will find a way to do it.