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Exceptional Delaware 2018

The crisis with Family Foundations Academy continues, and it’s looking real bad for them.  Attention is focused on Head of School Sean Moore.  After allegations by a parent that he bought two Mercedes Benz with state funds, as well as several other insinuations, including a very large lawsuit of the sexual nature, and increased usage of state p-cards, the Auditor of Accounts for Delaware is investigating the finances of the school.  And it looks like the school has hired an attorney.

As revealed by Kilroy yesterday, Family Foundations Academy had a financial forensic investigation done last February by a company called Auphsite Consulting & Advisory.  The report went over the use of purchase card transactions, also known as P-card purchases.  These are essentially credit card transactions.  When these are paid by state entities, they appear on Delaware Online Checkbook under the initials PCA instead of a check number.

This isn’t the…

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  1. kilroysdelaware

    How can this be with a Delaware Department of Education representative being on FFA’s Citizen Budget Oversight Committee as required by law. Like WTF. DE DOE sits at the $$$ oversight table??? If these “allegations” turnout to be true one would think there would be criminal investigates and subpoenas going to each and every CBOC members including DE DOE’s rep member.

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    • Publius e decere

      Specifically, I think the head of the DOE Charter Office is supposed to be interested enough in the oversight function to make sure that someone is appointed, that the appointee has sufficient financial or business experience to understand the role, and to ensure that the appointee shows up. The oversight trifecta, so to speak. Even Woody Allen would have taken care of the showing up part.


  2. Joanne Christian

    Oh great. We fight to keep adequate transportation money for busses in the districts, and this fool finances his ride on us. PIMP MY RIDE–Delaware Style! Back to you Kilroy!!