Race to The Top is officially DEAD

Rogers: Omnibus Package Responsibly Funds the Federal Government, Avoids a Shutdown, Makes Good-Government Policy Changes

No Funding for Newly Proposed Administration Initiatives – The bill does not include the creation of a new account to fund preschool grants, and eliminates the President’s controversial Race to the Top initiative

I urge Delaware state legislators to order a complete top to bottom of the Delaware Department of Education. All positions originally funded by federal “grant” Race to The Top will expired after the end of the current school year. Delaware did get the extension to use carryover unused RTTT funding and that ended last. An audit will reveal $$ manipulation to create the carryover funds rather than apply it during the designated grant years. All DE DOE positions created by RTTT must be terminated June 30, 2015. And I am not talking about assigning those employees to other positions.

Delaware state legislators must take action to reverse any state legislation or regulations associated associated with Race to The Top goals. The federal government is walking away from Race to The Top and Delaware must do the same.  Race to The Top failed! DE DOE is failing and the Delaware taxpayers shouldn’t fund a bloated DE DOE. We need teachers in classrooms not deadbeats at DE DOE living off the taxpayers.


6 responses to “Race to The Top is officially DEAD

  1. The senate passed the bill last night and yes, no funding for Race to the Top. Yes, we definitely have to carefully examine Markell’s and the Delaware DOE budget for the upcoming year. What a waste of money and time.

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  2. lastDEconservative

    “Race to The Top is officially DEAD”

    Once again, yaaaaaaaaaaawwwnnnn.

    I told you, what, 2 years ago? that the destroyers had already moved on to the next next big thing, out of sight by virtue of all those most likely to blow the whistle being fully engaged and distracted by the current next big thing.

    Raise your heads. Stop picking lint off the shoelaces of the leviathan.


    • Joanne Christian

      Ah gang….there wasn’t supposed to be any money this year. That’s the point….it was always set up to be deficit cliff, that would leave the districts on the hook, and then they (the State) would supplant prior state funding with a bit of federal funding. So now, when the scheduled federal funds are gone AS WE WERE TOLD, the State will now say, “you can’t blame us…the feds took….”because nobody but me and Kilroy are ever around to remind you with our steel trap memories of how the State played a fast one by this shell game, as they snuck away without as much of their usual state budget committed to education—NEVER TO RETURN!!! Huh Kilroy? And John. And of course, it will be time for another election.


    • lastDEconservative

      Yeah, shell games with money. Seeking to take without repercussion, to prioritize that which no right thinking individual would do with their own money, spend without remorse. Good questions. Remind me again, which magic beans grew the money for the million dollar Green Indoctrination Laboratory (glass house, perhaps) there in Appo?


  3. Joanne Christian

    Yes LDC, I will remind you again. LOCAL dollars. Repeat LOCAL dollars. That and our district office land, and a few other things we bought out of LOCAL FUNDS because THE TAXPAYER AGREED (as in fields etc., and seperate line item). We don’t play those games of “if you don’t vote for A–you can’t have A and B”. No LDC, controversial items were pulled out and voted upon seperately, e.g. playing fields, after school activities, outdoor classrooms, etc.. I’m sorry you weren’t afforded the same consideration wherever your boondoggle glass house is located. But if these taxpayers want greenhouses, they bought it. No doubt it will be that way for a swimming pool, ice rink, roller coaster, and alpaca ranch around here–or I will be the FIRST to raise the war cry. But thank you for caring LDC. And RTTT funds has nothing to do with capital money anyhow. Criminee–we didn’t even get enough to buy dirt for that greenhouse!!!


    • lastDEconservative

      I do care, thus I ask, I question. Next, should you be so inclined, as the kids were indoctrinated to the saving grace of all things green and politically correct, were they likewise enlightened as to the marvels of diesel fuel burning cranes, concrete delivery trucks, and excavators; or factories with smokestacks to make the brick and block and steel, and *gasp* plastic rain barrels? Just wondering. Curse this characteristic of common sense that plagues me!