Red Clay school board on the verge of violating state law Title 14 , Chapter 2, Section 223 (b)(2)

Rather than addressing concerns in regards to re-segregation and Red Clay’s board failure to provide tradition middle and high school services in the city of Wilmington the plan to create a Shortlidge K-2 grade configuration and a Warner grade 3-5 grade configuration demonstrates serious capacity in thinking issues. I hope Red Clay’s Ms F. Lee Bailey makes note of state law re: Neighborhood School Plan re: SHALL! Red Clay administration’s intention of pushing the plan on the school board is way out of line! If anything we need to see a K-8 combined grade configuration at these two schools.  

§ 223 Neighborhood School Plans.

(b) Neighborhood School Plans shall consist of the following grade configurations:

(1) A lower-level school, or elementary school, consisting of either grades K-5 or grades K-6;

(2) A middle-level school, or junior high school, consisting of either grade 6 or 7 to grade 8 or 9; or

(3) An upper-level school, or high school, consisting of either grades 9-12 or grades 10-12. 

Surely somewhere in the NCLB wavier verbiage is a skewed authority to allow this insane move. But than again, OMG Publius, can Red Clay make a “major modification” of state law through a unlegislated loophole? I cannot image anyone at the Delaware Department of Education being dumb enough to approve such a plan. 

Sorry to say, once again the good brothers and sisters of Wilmington are pushed to the back of the bus and will be poured Kool-aid. I cannot image any parent of children in Shortlidge and Warner being supportive of such plan. But that again Red Clay has it down to an art finding tokens.

Here we are again, another defining moment in Red Clay leadership! The board needs to tell Merv and his C-130H trunk monkey they are not clear to enter the runway. Charlie, Lima, Uniform, Sierra, Tango, Echo, Romeo, Foxtrot, Uniform, Charlie, Kilo, Sierra. 

I’ll be very curious to see which black city leaders or parents they tap to come out and be their Wilmington pied-pipers! Folks there is nothing good about this plan! It’s all wrong and infringes on state law. Federal law Title 1 / NCLB cannot supersede state law and as far as I see, I see nothing were Delaware state legislators amended the law in question. The move would further alienate minority children. And yep! Title 1 Section 1118 swept under the rug!  

In two years Governor Markell will be out of office, the coach will be looking for a new team, Malibu Barbie will be heading back to the left coast and the rest of the clueless Rodel clones will be wandering like clueless sheep.  


One response to “Red Clay school board on the verge of violating state law Title 14 , Chapter 2, Section 223 (b)(2)

  1. I don’t understand the thinking behind this.

    First, RCCD has built 2 new suburban elementary schools in the name of NSA – even though space existed in other district elementary schools These new suburban schools were built for location not lack of district capacity.

    One of the arguments for these new suburban schools, and the NSA, was that children should attend K – 5 in one school close to home – don’t forget, K – 5 in one school was the major point since suburban busing only existed in grades 3 – 5. The NSA didn’t work unless grades 3 – 5 and K -2 schools became K – 5.

    Second… another reason stated for NSA was the difficulty parents experienced in having to deal with/juggle two elementary schools. For city families, splitting Warner and Shortlidge will mean two different buses and/or two different schools for drop off, pick up, teacher meetings, parent nights, holiday/school events, etc..

    And since most families (city and suburban) have more than one child, close in age this idea will make more work for city parents. Elementary schools start and end their day at the same time so a parent walking or driving their children to school will have to leave their home earlier in order to get their children to two schools on time – which will result in one child arriving to school early (will there be accommodations for that?) while the child dropped off second will arrive without a moment to spare. And which child would a parent pick up from school first? Which child would have to wait to be picked up? Dismissal is at the same time, so will RCCD be supplying a safe, supervised area for children to wait? AND… would parents now have to leave work early in order to pick up children in after care due to timing? (The more I type the more questions I have!)

    If each school has their own buses then a parent will be waiting at the bus stop for a longer period of time (will they even be the same bus stop, or will parents have to get to two bus stops for pick up and drop off?) – unless someone thinks those buses will always arrive within seconds of each other? If RCCD decides to merge Warner’s and Shortlidge’s buses then that would require an earlier morning pick up since the buses would have to drop children off at two schools – it would also mean that the children would get home from school later (same reason) and result in children spending more time on a bus (which was a major suburban complaint against busing). Guess all these complaints only count for the suburban community.

    And the idea of two parent nights, special events, etc. boggles the mind. It’s burdensome and not conducive to the tired mantra of “parent involvement”.

    Third, if RCCD does this then would Shortlidge still be considered a Priority School? What tests would that designation be based on?

    Fourth, from what I’m hearing RCCD did not include the Warner and Shortlidge community in this decision and these communities are not happy.