Did fire marshal raise concerns DE DOE charter public meeting sight was too small?

Ghost Rider reports fire marshal had to step in and ask that each charter school, Reach and Gateway participants wait their turn outside as not to exceed room capacity. Yep big turnout see News Journal Jimmy Olsen report here >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

With all the school auditoriums available DE DOE chooses location that puts the safety of the community at risk and attempts to manipulate public participation and voice.   


One response to “Did fire marshal raise concerns DE DOE charter public meeting sight was too small?

  1. Yes, the fire marshall (two) arrived and insisted that every one who was standing at this public hearing, who had a constitutional right to attend, leave the auditorium and wait on the mezzanine. More than 100 people waited outside while another 182 were seated during the Reach hearing.

    During the GLS hearing, most children had to leave the auditorium in order to have enough seating for the 182+ adults who had planned to attend. The children were present to participate in this exercise of democracy – some planned to speak (a few were able to) They spent most of the hearing with parent volunteers who conceded their right to attend so that our children could be supervised.

    There are words to describe the evening – but I won’t use them. I will offer that all future hearings need to be held:

    1. Where the parking garage stays open beyond 9:30 pm so that attendees don’t have to leave prematurely.

    2. Where the venue be large enough to accommodate the public – since these are “public” hearings.

    3. and conducted according to the initial rules and time frames that schools are told they will be held to or change the rules from outset and schedule each schools’ hearing for separate nights.

    4. with the understand that while schools may use private transportation such as buses to assist parents with participation, that transportation providers do not give schools an open window to return. Their employees, the drivers, must get up and on the road again by 5 am to drive school children. The state needs to be aware of the safety needs when it chooses to hold a hearing on a week night.

    There exists a need to evaluate how to respect the public during a public hearing. I suspect this need is not limited to DOE but to other agencies as well. Perhaps that need was made more clear last Wednesday.

    Confidential to “I know you read the blogs” – I love the cafeteria food 🙂