Delaware charter schools were started to appease affluent racist!

Charter fight is about accountability News Journal Letter to The Editor 

In regards to the ACLU going against charter schools, yes an entrance exam, dress code, and a willingness to learn, (without disruption) are required for admission to a charter school, private school or Catholic school. Ask yourself, why did they start charter schools? Just look at the public schools.

When you have a union running your schools, what do you expect? Teachers do not answer to anyone. Seniority rules. They are not accountable for poor performance. This is not about anything else except, the teachers union is not in the private sector.

Robert Riley


Hello Charter school are public schools! Well that’s until it’s time to be accountable to civil rights.

The Publius of the world feel teachers should be held accountable for student performance whereas the students parents don’t give a rat’s ass! But God forbid charter schools have open admission with “transparent lotteries”! God forbid if charter schools were required to record their board meetings! Publius would be the first to cry, “we’re a corporation”.  

Ask yourself, why did they start charter schools? Just look at the public schools.

Because the fucking racist living in Red Clay’s affluent areas wanted segregated schools with just a sprinkle of black in the preferable charter schools and separated charter schools for at-risk blacks.

Charter schools are far from separate but equal! The time has come for state legislators to show courage and honor their oath to the constitution! And they can start by demanding the removal of the Delaware Secretary of Education and the impeachment of Governor Jack Markell. I ask, when will Delaware require their governor’s personal investments be held in blind trust!

In 2016 the education house of cards will fall and Governor Matt Denn will need to chose another path without “Rodel”! Yea Kilroy is calling 2016 for Denn! And yea Kilroy is pissed and feels Denn could have done more for H.B. 23! Hopefully State Representative Debbie Hudson picks up the H.B. 23 pieces and try again! If she is truly  for open government she’ll get the job done. As far as charter schools, they need a taste of real openness to save them. We can’t allow charter schools to open and operate in the dark just to fail. Failure of one charter school is a failure for all charter schools.

I support charter schools as part of school choice and the choice must be accessible to all students on equal footing. 


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  1. It continues to boggle my mind the bizarre faith you have in Deb Hudson… She may get a palatable version of HB 23 passed. And as you run towards her, arms outstretched, screaming in rapturous joy, she will simultaneously hug you and plunge a Crocodile Dundee-sized knife into your back…

    This metaphorical “knife” will most likely in the form of her pet-legislation of Educational Savings Accounts, allowing any parent to take the per-pupil funding amount for their child, generated by Delaware tax payers, and pay for their child to attend a private school. Instead of the cutesy name of “Educational Savings Account”, she ought to just come correct and call it the “Destroy Public School Funding” Act.

    As someone who appears to often be a voice for the underprivileged, underresourced, low-SES population, I’d think this very real possibility would engender a little more anger from you.


    • kilroysdelaware

      Jesus loves us all and even that Publius. Debbie Hudson is just a little politically misguided fearing losing her income. I core of my anger towards her is more about lack of communication. I honestly believed in her and sure politically there could be divides. However, is there really any legislator that pleases all their supporters.

      I do support some vouchers by not for the affluent. But before we go all out we need a accountability system that is weighed with the parental equation re: living up to there responsibilities. Do we hold prison guard accountable if a prisoner is released and commits another crime? Remember we are talking “correctional” institutes.

      Publius wants charters to be able to hide re: no recorded board meetings but crying like a baby at various political committee meetings. He tactfully called Kenny Red Clay’s Board President and asshole but protects districts admins being grilled for their bias support for Red Clay chartered schools.

      Debbie’s stubble on H.B. #23 might hold her back from making political sainthood if another try prevails. But if her heart is in her beliefs of open government she’ll do the right thing.


  2. Here’s yet another case of stoking unfounded racial fires with a completely inappropriate title. Charters were NOT created to appease affluent racists and you KNOW IT! Just like Ferguson and NYC tabloid journalists applying race to something that isn’t about race, you are setting race relations back 10 -20 years. It doesn’t advocate for integration and it doesn’t foster a true discussion based on facts. It is a: “if it bleeds it leads” .

    Your racist claim flies in the face of a far more complex issue than; “whites don’t want their kids with black kids.” It’s BS and you know it! It involves behavior, it involves personal liberties, it involves freedom of choice and it involves the efforts to twist schools into socialist revenue distribution hubs. You are accusing parents of racism who simply seek good education, without all the metropolitan/ urban issues, that even the NAACP and Jea Street admit exist. I even heard Wilmington labeled “Murder Capital” on Philadelphia Radio this morning and YOU believe parents should just go along with exporting that throughout the county. Stop it. Just stop it. It is far deeper than black and white. Parents don’t care what color kids are. They care that their kids are getting a good education and are in an environment that values education over behavioral appeasement.

    Look up any other metropolitan city like NY and Philadelphia and you will see magnates, charters and other schools with VERY specific criteria in order for students to enter and remain in high demand schools. No one is stopping students from applying, but the students/ families have to put forth effort to get there. It has nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with “buy in”, something that seems foreign in the people’s republic of Delaware.


    • Agreed… you can’t just throw that racist bomb out there like that. Do you have facts to back this up or is this just another conspiracy theory? You are confusing parents who care about their children education with racism… and you are wrong. You don’t support Charters… stop it.


  3. No matter what goes on in other cities MRyder, there is and always will be the Delaware Way.


  4. Blanket statements about race (a la affluence equates with racism) are lazy.