DE DOE inner circle starting to crumble!

Governor Markell’s DE DOE dream-team is cracking at the foundation. A new member of the dream-team has already be christened the “bitch”.

All I can say, come 2016 the big broom is coming to clean-out all the trash! Markell will be gone and won’t need the puppets any longer.

I am tell you all, if our state legislators don’t get their heads out of their asses the reconstruction of DE DOE will take six years. And yep, new performance grading system coming. Will be based on A,B,C,D and F ratings.


4 responses to “DE DOE inner circle starting to crumble!

  1. I have no earthly idea who that new member could be… I’m going to go ride my bike now.

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  2. I would be really interested in who this person is. I went on the doe site and looked up Leadership. Without knowing anything about anything- this person jumped off the page. She seems like she would be effective on an assembly line making sure the right amount of Captain Crunch got in the right box and everyone was clocked in on time- but this list of responsibilities hardly speaks to her ability to build the critical relationships that are needed for teaching and learning to occur among humans.

    Penny Schwinn is the Chief Accountability and Performance Officer. She is responsible for the Assessment, Accountability, Turnaround, Performance Management, Data, and Research and Evaluation offices within the Department. Penny leads this work with the core belief that transparently measuring school progress using comprehensive performance metrics is critical to driving student achievement.

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  3. Penny is the bitch. Penny is the bitch… I win, I win…


  4. If Greg Lavelle is Judus… then Dave Sokola is Ciaphas….