Rep Kowalko is the real Maverick in Dover Delaware! Wake Up Wall Street Jack Markell

John Kowalko

Thanks to Ms Ravitch’s blog post on this very important subject and thanks to Ms. Buckley and Mr.Ohlandt for their incisive and relevant comments. I am a State Representative in Delaware and I have found it to be statistically provable and accurate that the Delaware Charter School law, as written. has permitted (and encouraged) a segregation of minorities, low-income and special needs students throughout the entire public school system. This law was/is inherently flawed and the recently passed HB 165, promoted as a charter law reform measure, contributes to a further segregation of student population and resources $$$. I made numerous attempts to amend the bill and could not muster the votes due to pressure brought by the wealthy charter school network and its patron organizations such as RODEL, Vision Network and Innovative Schools If the amount of money being spent to fight legitimate reform needed in the charter school law is any indication, then it is surely a hugely profitable venture for those privateers of public education who seek to drain public taxpayer money and resources from the less fortunate. An average of 8-10 well-heeled lobbyists roam the halls of Dover whenever legitimate attempts to correct the many flaws in the existing code are proffered or whenever there is a proposal to create more access to public funding (exclusive to charter schools) that they support. Quite frankly it can be exhausting, encouraging those people who have an appropriate sense of fairness, justice and equality for all, to raise their voices and demand fair-play. This is notable and somewhat understandable, especially in the face of such a logistically wealthier special interest that seems to promote a tunnel-vision ambition that excludes many more than it includes and erodes already inadequate resources that are needed to provide equal and accessible educational opportunities for all Delawareans. So let me express my thanks to ACLU and CLASI and all of the Buckleys and Ohlandts and Ravitchs who clearly see the reality that this is an honest and just fight for equality. Let me conclude with an apology for my own failure to convince enough of my colleagues and others of influence that we, on behalf of all of the children and families in Delaware, must do better and must do more to correct these inequities.

State Representative John Kowalko (25th District Newark)


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  1. I would love 1 person to run against this idiot. He throws his position around like he has earned it. DSEA teet sucker = Kowalko.


  2. lastDEconservative

    Kilroy’s love for this guy is as tiring and frightful as the fellow himself.

    Just a quick reminder to any reader perhaps even marginally able to discern the reality of Kowalko and all his ilk, including many of the denizens of Kilroy: the conditions existing today, no matter your opinion of those conditions, exist because of all the Kowalkos writ large, past and present (and will likewise continue into the future as long as bluster can obfuscate facts), that put their energies into controlling the rest of us, succeeded, thus creating the morass that they run around screaming demands more control (as in government, or special interest groups) which only they, wise and benevolent, can provide.

    Keep handing over your children. They mean well. What else matters?


  3. Greg,
    Only you can identify whether your anger towards me is attributable to my personal regard (and responsibilities as an elected public servant) for all the children in the state and the willingness to ensure equal treatment and access for all regardless of ethnicity or socio-economic status or merely a self-reflection of your own feelings or lack of regard for others. Please be aware that on the fourth floor of the State bldg. at 8th and French you can present a check for $875 and an affidavit to file your candidacy against me. But never presume that your animosity, bitterness, and disrespectful words and attitude toward me will ever dissuade me from my sworn responsibilities to all of Delaware’s families, children and taxpayers.

    Representative John Kowalko


  4. My dislike of you and your position comes from many levels…

    1. It started with your disgusting attack and inaccurate fight against the NCS expansion.
    2. You throw this position around like you earned it… but the only reason you have it is due to the fact that you run unopposed
    3. You are a puppet for the DSEA.
    4. You continue to fight against progress… like NCS. Spend your energy helping CSD right their ship vs destroying the dreams of families in your area to have a better education.

    That probably sums it up.

    I can actually respect you trying to help all children in the state get a good education even when their families/parents don’t do anything to help… but when you fight back against a school like NCS you are also trying to harm another group of children in the state. So you are not fighting for all. You are doing as DSEA says. Again, spend your time fixing CSD vs harming NCS and maybe you will get some respect outside of the 20 idiots on your side.


    • lastDEconservative

      May I note one “minor” addition/clarification: JK always brays some version of, ” … will ever dissuade me from my sworn responsibilities to all [NOTE: “ALL”] of Delaware’s families, children and taxpayers … ” while steadfastly ignoring the majority, no, damaging and deriding the majority who can and will, rushing in to perpetuate the myth that created the minority that can’t and/or won’t, condemning the lot to a dismal future. It’s galling when you can see it. It’s sad that he gets away with it.


  5. lostDE con.

    8th and French, 4th floor

    Representative Kowalko


    • Why don’t you try to support quality education vs fighting back against it? Why don’t you try to improve CSD vs trying to destroy NCS? I am going to put my dog up against you next time… guaranteed win. Or… how about your admit you do what the DSEA tells you and that you are a fraud? Do you have 1 original idea? I doubt it


    • Sorry John,
      I’m too busy; working 5-6 days a week, spending the evenings feeding and overseeing the kids schoolwork, checking their website assignments from 8-10 different teachers, transporting them to other extracurricular activities during the week and weekends, attending church, finding some time with the significant other, and trying to articulately defend a school that is one of the top in the state from slanderous accusations and crab jello thrown at it by the progressives, the conflicted ACLU, resentful residents who applied but didn’t get in and some of our elected officials, to have time to meet with you. Only to have you tell me that in my efforts to secure good education for my kids, I’m a bad person for not “sticking in there” while my local school district is neutered from enforcing discipline or demanding the student do homework.

      The ACLU isn’t protecting my child’s nor other “normal” children’s civil liberties to good education. Their more concerned with Cloward Piven strategies of demanding the state honor every half baked, unfundable, social services funneling, and redistributive practice they can, rather than actual improvement in education. The Buckleys and the Ohlandt’s and the ACLU are not looking out for my children. If they were, they wouldn’t be attacking some of the few bright spots of academic achievement in NCC.


    • In other words Ryder, LDC and Greg, I can waste time writing multiple postings on blogs, but I am too afraid to take on someone supported by “20 idiots on your side”.
      PS, Ryder, the invitation wasn’t to meet John Kowalko but to file a candidacy to run against him. If you actually read what people are writing, maybe you will understand more.


  6. Publius e decere

    Shorter Kowalko,

    ” I could not persuade my peers to support my position. For that, I blame unknown rich people who stand to profit from the things I oppose. Thanks to all who believe my paranoid worldview.”

    School for Kowalko,

    Buddy, you might have lost your peers when you flew over the state in KO’s black helicopter and ate the tainted fruit from Eve’s garden. But really — “execellent schools are evil”? Really? It would take a special salesman to sell that. Despite your claims, you are not special.

    Try this (now chanelling Greg and Ryder and all other rational citizens):

    Stop tearing down successful schools based on hearsay
    Start working for the benefit of struggling schools
    Stop assuming that anti-success equals support for the lack thereof
    Respect your privileged schooling by not pandering otherwise
    Ignore fatuous arguments (special emphasis)
    Stop blindly supporting failing districts (example: CSD)
    Stop cherry picking your complaints
    Focus on ADDITIVE SOLUTIONS. Stop whining. We expect more.

    And have a wonderful Christmas holiday.