Will Gateway charter parents join forces re: class action lawsuit against DE Sec of Ed Murphy, DE DOE and Governor Markell ?

Special-needs school facing possible closure Matthew Albright, The News Journal

If this school closes, we’re going to have to move out of state,” said Robin Zizmont, whose son is a fourth-grader at the school. “When I heard the news, I just could not understand how you could have this school, and there’s really no other public school like this in the area, where there’s such a need, and then they’re thinking about closing it. It just blows my mind.”

Gateway is a charter school dedicated to serving “children who are struggling to achieve academic success in a traditional school environment,” according to its mission statement. It has 212 students in grades 3-8, more than 60 percent of whom have some kind of disability or special need.

One must wonder why parents “Choice” their child to a failing school or keep them there. Gateway parents, dispute some believing (Publius) I am anti-charter school. It’s not the case. I support school Choice 100% and even to the extent of school vouchers for students in schools ordered closed by the state. Charters are part of that Choice process. I am for “transparency” and for all schools traditional, votech and charter school boards to record their board meetings. HOWEVER, closing Gateway without placing students in a non-failing public or charter school does not serve the interest of Gateway’s student. The change in  environment can cause irreversible damage to many special needs students. If Gateway is to close DEMAND DE DOE place your child in a school that meets AYP. Also, provide transportation to schools out side your child’s feeder-pattern. 

I can tell you this, if you don’t unite 100% and soon, you can forget about saving Gateway. If your child isn’t place is a so-called non failing school and forced back to a feeder school not meeting AYP “your” child is being victimized by the political seeded Delaware Department of Education. Folks you need to join together and obtain a lawyer and stop this action. Also, you need to demand answers from Gateway board and administrators! Demand they record their board meeting affording all parents the opportunity to be better engaged. You know how demanding it is being a parent of a special needs child and when it comes to attending a board meeting it may be near impossible for you.

For sure something has to change at Gateway and that change is you! DE DOE will hold their Mickey Mouse charter review public meeting but like all other charter schools in the same board nothing changed after public final weigh-in. All is predetermined ! 

Again, I may make some critical comments about charter schools but don’t forget to see how I weigh-in on Red Clay. All public schools must have doors that swing the same way for all applicants and all public schools need to be transparent. Charter school are public schools.       


4 responses to “Will Gateway charter parents join forces re: class action lawsuit against DE Sec of Ed Murphy, DE DOE and Governor Markell ?

  1. Gateway parents – speaking as one who has been there, please don’t count on emotions or volume. They. Don’t. Care. In the end, it’s a handful of people and it blows over soon enough. Your case must be made in data and legal papers, and it must make clear what the state has to politically gain by keeping the school open. That’s what drives everything they do – not the children. It’s an ugly business. Honestly, you probably have a good shot if you throw down hard enough. There’s Reach to sacrifice and keeping Gateway open would play much better in the press. As I said it’s ugly business. Take the gloves off and throw down hard. Tears, pleas, letters – it doesn’t count in your favor but it WILL count against you if you don’t do it – but don’t think it will be enough.


  2. Anti-charter? Say it ain’t so !


  3. Anthony Soligo

    My experience in dealing with DOE has made it very clear that they have a political agenda for education unrelated to student learning and improving education for all students, especially they who need vocational training. They are very good at discriminating against students with cognitive disabilities and Black students while making it look they are doing the opposite, while saying the Fed’s made us do it. Go to their website for school demographics, look at individual high schools in the state and you will see for yourself that Charter and Vocational schools look for smart white kids first and minimize the number of Special needs students and Black students for entrance, keeping the number below 40 the magic number (39) to avoid accountability. What we have in Delaware is Race to the bottom and leave your child behind, unless the student is a college prep student.DOE does not have a clue!


    • The DOE knows EXACTLY what they are doing. Research who they have as their “leaders”. Look at their backgrounds, it will all become obvious very quickly who really runs the show there. Special needs kids are the threat to all of the DOE’s plans, so they toy with them and their parents every chance they get while giving the illusion they give a crap, but they have some very powerful backing who does not give a shit about kids at all. I learned a long time ago that whenever you are questioning anything weird going on, always question: Who benefits?