If Red Clay doesn’t want to provide traditional middle and high school services in Wilmington then the time has come to give Red Clay the boot

Force busing still exist in the city of Wilmington Delaware and it’s out bound. Can you image if Red Clay’s white suburban parents were told their children must be bust into Red Clay’s city elementary schools to fill empty seats rather than build new suburban elementary schools! Yep they’ll yell your in violation of the Neighborhood School Act!

As the nation looks towards Ferguson Missouri as ground zero for enough is enough racial discrimination and to reignite a stall civil rights movement Delaware particularly Wilmington minorities struggle to maintain fair and “equitable” public education. Red Clay city taxpayers have funded three new suburban schools to accommodate Neighborhood Schools and are proud parents of charter schools and magnet schools that discriminate against academic challenged students. ACLU lawsuit calls for, “Utilization of a random opt-out lottery for charter school admissions” and that should apply to magnet schools. John Dickinson High School’s fall from excellence was a direct result of former Red Clay board members reckless overambitious charter school agenda. Conrad’s current success was through a plan of reassigning neighborhood children rather than an opt-out policy. Where is the Neighborhood Schools Act being apply to Conrad a 6-12 grade school? The Delaware Department of Education has stains on their hands for approving this all choice magnet school knowing neighborhood students will be bused to other middle schools. At best Conrad 6-8 grades should be an opt out of the feeder-pattern. Why did Red Clay’s school board approved the added space at A.I. High School knowing without Choice students within A.I.’s feeder feeder students wouldn’t fill the building capacity? However to accommodate out of feeder and district Choice students, Red Clay has added an addition onto A.I. BUT still bus some city student pass A.I. to Dickinson. Why weren’t these students given preferential Choice to A.I.?  

Dear Delaware ACLU, one of the solutions to your complaint would be preferential school Choice for Wilmington’s Red Clay middle and high school children with preferential choice busing. Meaning, because Red Clay refuses to provide traditional middle and high school services within Wilmington, those Red Clay students should get guarantee first Choice to any Red Clay suburban middle or high school. Also, convenient neighborhood bus stops whereas parent wouldn’t be required to drive them. Red Clay’s charter school should be part of that guaranteed Choice. Force busing shouldn’t be one-way and shouldn’t be for minorities.     


6 responses to “If Red Clay doesn’t want to provide traditional middle and high school services in Wilmington then the time has come to give Red Clay the boot

  1. Why do Brandywine and Colonial get a pass from you (at least with respect to high schools)?


  2. Why should Brandywine and Colonial get left holding the bag and get stuck with the all the city students. If I do wrong, I get community service to learn from my mistakes.
    Red Clay should get Brandywine and Colonials city kids….


    • Red Clay should initiate a hostile takeover of the entire City of Wilmington. They “know” what to “do” with schools. They have “Priorities”. At least they think so, according to the Union Prez and Board Prez. They need to put up or —

      If Red Clay has the will to pursue this takeover, then the “district preference” of their flagship high performing (charter) school will be compelled sweep up the entire city. Sounds like a deal too good to be true. Call the bluff. “Lean Forward” 🙂

      C’mon Red Clay. Go for it. Hostile takeover 1-2-3. Wilmington = “Red Clay City”. Put your actions where your mouths are. At least for as long as they are open.



  3. Where is the call to turn PS into a high school…or to re-open DeLaWarr? Why on the focus on Red Clay?


  4. Red Clay never had a middle school in the city of Wilmington in the first place. Warner was a 4-6 school under the 1978 plan. All Area II (Red Clay) students living in the city under the 9-3 plan went to school in the suburbs for 9 years, and to an elementary school in the city for grades 4-6. There was no middle/junior high school in the city after the realignment closure of all the city school – because all Area II/Red Clay students were bused out to the suburbs for the junior high years. So the call for a middle school now in the city needs to keep that history in mind. The district does not have a middle school in the city because they never had one. Bayard and PS were left open in the city (PS converted to a middle school), and as such, Christina and B-wine have middle schools in the city limits. The closure of Wilmington high school has another history entirely.