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  1. lastDEconservative

    Thank you, Michael Brown.
    Thank you, Eric Holder.
    Thank you, Rahm Emmanuel.
    Thank you, Barack Jose Obama.

    And bless you, Saul Alinsky, our patron saint, for giving us the knowhow to keep our race pimping selves in the game.

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    • Oh c’mon now, LDC. These danged idiots at ACLU “Legal” have an American right to be as ignorant and incompetent as they wish to be. Leave ’em be. But — if you can’t leave ’em be, then let ’em stew. 🙂

      As ACLU well believes, Americans have the right and the duty to be homogenized and undifferentiated to the most logical extreme. How dare anyone excercise choice? Or autonomy? Or personal freedom? ACLUE (pun intended) is determine to “make” people choose schools they otherwise don’t want to be at. Dang-it.

      ACLU’s hubris is unbecoming. ‘Nuff said.



  2. First the City of Wilmington sues over Moyer, then the ACLU is getting in on the action. What’s next? I don’t think the DOE is going to have a very fruitful 2015!

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  3. We’re looking forward to making the big announcement tomorrow. Hope no one with core knowledge will spoil the surprise!


    • core knowledge, good one. #NCS


    • Wow… is this a joke? ACLU has Street the racist and Kowalko the complete bumbling idiot on their side. Good group to have fighting for you!!

      I love this line… “But the ACLU is particularly concerned with several charter schools that have terrific test scores and routinely win a slew of academic honors but serve few minority and low income students.” So great schools who are at the top of the state are the target of the ACLU? I know you are aware of this this but you have to APPLY to these schools… you have to put forth the EFFORT and be a parent who CARES… who is INVOLVED in their kids education!! The ACLU is the racist group here implying that those kids/families in these Charter schools are the only ones who care about their kids education and those not in don’t.

      I am glad we won the lottery and are surrounded by like minded families who care about their kids education. I don’t care what race or social class they come from… you do. You are making this a race issue… no one else.

      Good job ACLU at joining the battle vs progress and trying to drag everyone down together!!


    • I am glad we won the lottery and are surrounded by like minded families who care about their kids education.

      We are too, Greg, we are too. That you won the lottery that is.


  4. No school ever improved because it was closed. Standardized tests were never designed to “grade” schools, they are designed to tell teachers what kids know and can do and where they need additional help. Somehow we have gone way off the rails and are using tests to “grade” kids, teachers, administrators, schools. How about DOE? If state scores aren’t terrific can that lend itself to a score for DOE?

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    • Good point. No point to closure. Same applies to Pencader, but that time has passed :-). I wish you had done more.

      Some standardized tests provide “diagnostics” as you suggest. Others provide summative achievement, which you ignore. Teachers can decide on diagnostics, I doubt anyone will disagree. The oversight authorities should decide on the summatives; no fox guarding the hen house should be permitted. And — yes — if kids are passing through a school with “advancements and graduations” but without reaching grade-level proficiency then why shouldn’t teachers AND ADMINISTRATORS be held accountable?

      Here is a disruptive but effective change. If a school fails proficiency, it should suffer year-end 10% reduction in staff on permanent layoff. No rehire, ever. 5% from youngest, 5% from most senior. No excuses.

      THAT will focus everyone on the right outcomes. Stop whining about resources. 85% of all resources provided are teacher and administrator salaries and benefits. Get results. Or try your hand in another industry. Really.

      If I could find an easy way to apply this Manchean standard to board members I would. 🙂



    • This…

      “Here is a disruptive but effective change. If a school fails proficiency, it should suffer year-end 10% reduction in staff on permanent layoff. No rehire, ever. 5% from youngest, 5% from most senior. No excuses.”

      … is nuts.

      The schools with the highest needs children would be punished by a loss of resources? How exactly would this help. Flesh this out for me, pube. Go on, tell me how this would work? How it would improve the children’s education?


    • If I could find an easy way to apply this Manchean standard to board members I would. 🙂

      and put two people out of a role? Hmmm.


  5. Speaking of ACL”U” — ‘U’nion — can someone like Mike Matthews post links to documents which explain the dues for RC unions members and, separately, the agency fees for employees who decline union membership?

    Just looking for a simple and transparent explanation. Since taxes fund the salaries, and laws compel the union/agency payments by the salary earners.



    • Yes, taxes fund the salaries, but those salaries are earned and belong to those employees. Would you also like to see how teachers spend their money at Wal-mart, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Pure Fantasy Adult Novelty shop? You have no right to information related to how teachers spend their earned salaries.

      However, I will say the dues in Red Clay are about $650 per year, with a chunk going to NEA, a chunk to DSEA, and a chunk to RCEA to fund my wildly exorbitant $6000 stipend as RCEA president, where I calculated that out to about $2.50 per hour of work I do for my Association considering the dozens of hours of meetings, phone calls, and emails I respond to on a weekly basis.

      As far as agency fee, they pay about 80% of the full rate. However, they still received representation on contract issues and they reap all the benefits when we renegotiate our contract and receive a salary increase on the local portion. Kind of like the teachers at CSW — who pay no union dues but reap the benefit of a salary increase when RCEA renegotiated out contract because CSW follows our pay scale.


  6. Reblogged this on Exceptional Delaware and commented:
    What happens when a state allows certain “public” schools to pick and choose what type of student they want? This is what happens. And it’s about time!


  7. More info on the ACLU complaint to federal civil rights authorities against DE DOE now available at

    “In order to remedy the current situation regarding Delaware public schools, the ACLU and CLASI urge:

    A moratorium on the authorization and opening of new charter schools until an effective desegregation plan has been implemented;
    Utilization of a random opt-out lottery for charter school admissions;
    Assurance that the cost of attending a public charter school is free and that parents are not required or pressured to purchase uniforms or raise money for the school;
    Capping class size in traditional public schools at the same level as charter schools and ensuring that total funding for traditional public schools is equal to that of charter schools;
    Providing additional funding to schools with a disproportionately high number of students of color, students with special needs and low-income students;
    A plan to ensure that students with disabilities are recruited and reasonably accommodated in all charter schools.”

    HUGE thanks to these organizations for taking on such a significant civil rights & social justice issue in this state!


    • Don’t traditional public schools have uniforms as well?

      I don’t understand you idiots… keep fighting progress.

      How about you spend your time making the traditional public schools better vs fighting back vs schools like NCS and WCS? But no… you would rather stomp your feet that families want out of your terrible schools and are having success at it.

      Worthless… the entire group of you. Let it go… improve the schools you claim to love… stop crying about the people who want out and will never come back. Idiots


    • lastDEconservative

      Greg, don’t be shy, let it all out. 😉

      “How about you spend your time making the traditional public schools better vs fighting back vs schools like NCS and WCS?”

      “What, clean up my own mess? Who, me? If I make enough noise (lies) about the successful, my failure won’t be noticed, and I won’t really have to work, just make noise. Moving (working) to clean up my own mess would be doubly calling attention to my failure! How could you even ask?”

      But you know that, I just typed it out for lurkers who may yet be in the stupor.


    • Hi, Greg
      We spend lots of time working on behalf of actual public schools. Making sure that institutions like NCS do not illegally disadvantage students in the surrounding public schools is just one of these efforts. Come to a Friends of CSD meeting in the spring if you want to learn about other endeavors to support public ed. in the Christina/Newark area.


    • Eve, do you encourage low income families by word of mouth to apply to NCS?


    • I encourage anyone who talks to me about local public ed to attend Downes if they live in our area, where my son is receiving an excellent education in an atmosphere welcoming to all children. I also recommend W. Park, which several friends have really enjoyed, and encourage families with older children to visit their district middle & high schools (for us that’s Shue & Newark) before accepting any “common wisdom” that these schools are unacceptable.

      I wouldn’t myself put any child under Greg Meece’s moral guidance, even at some remove, so in that sense I can’t recommend NCS. But I do think all area families should know that it is free & open to them, in case they do find that school an attractive option for their child. I would advocate, for ex., canvassing low-income neighborhoods with charter applications (this is something that of course should already be part of the school’s required outreach, but I don’t think they do it).

      Parents who think NCS is a good option for kids should certainly recommend it, broadly, as a public option. My concern with that school is its drain of families & funds from the public district, which reduces human & financial resources at the district schools open to all families in our area. My goal is to strengthen district schools–and NCS, through its flouting of federal law (with state permission), weakens those schools.


    • I would love to come and attend one of your meetings and listen to the Crab Bucket mentality in person. Drag us all down!! Your ideas are a joke… you want everyone to be treated the same even when some don’t care or want that. You want those parents who are willing to apply and improve their kids education opportunities to be in the same bucket as those who don’t care. You don’t want anyone to succeed if not all can. You are spending more time fighting back against a success like NCS. Let it go… you were wrong and lost. Spend this time making the schools you claim to love better vs fighting back against progress. This mentality drives me crazy… CSD is failing and on the state watch list for years yet you want everyone to accept it and just send their kids there w/our looking for better options. You want everyone to receive the participation award vs those who want to try harder to get the trophy.

      Encourage people to apply to NCS!! All are welcome… you just need to care about your kids education enough to fill out an application and win the lottery!! THAT IS IT!! There is nothing illegal about NCS… stop making this S up.

      I am glad you get to attend Newark for G or C high… the 2 worst high schools in the state. We don’t get to attend Newark and I will not allow my children to attend G High. I care about my kids education… sorry about that. Didn’t realize I needed to apologize about this.

      Please tell me when these meetings are. I would love to come and watch energy being spent fighting back against a good thing vs improving your current situation.


    • Amazing… I can’t believe you and people like John and Kowalko believe that NCS is the reason CSD has shit the bed. CSD has been on the track of failure long before NCS was around. I know… I went to G High.


    • Greg,

      Buckley lodged a faux “affadavit” on Monday 12/1 and like magic two days later the ACLUe had ginned up a 58-page complaint — bad date and all — in which Buckley is the only person complaining. Followed by Jea Street yelling some offeensive rant about de jure segregation and John Kolkwacko ranting about NCS and its apparently uncountable perfidies. Conclude what you want. The rest of us have.

      Want to go to a meeting to see how these people work? Forget her FOCSD. Come on Monday night to see the antics of the people leading the “Enrollment Preferences Task Force” to watch real lunacy in action. With a sidecar of hypocrisy for comic relief. Buena Vista conference center on Route 13, 6:30 pm, New Castle.

      Can’t get enough? Come to a Red Clay board meeting and watch the Boy Tyrant bob and weave with unfounded accusations, devoid of parliamentary process, as he works to tear down charter and magnet schools while in the same meeting hypocritically endorsing “separate and superior” school academies at his district schools.

      Surreal Delaware. Small Wonder.



    • Wowsa, Pub. That’s some vitriol there. There’s been some great discussion on Kim’s task force. Then again they’ll let just about ANYONE on it. Even at the last minute. 😉

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    • I’m not current on the moving feast, but I think Earl Jacques is the most recent member. Is he “just anyone”?

      Anyway, the rest is far from vitriol. It is reality


    • “Boy Tyrant?” “Kolkwacko?” Nope. No vitriol there. You say such ridiculous and mean-spirited things only under the veil of anonymity because you realize how odious your worldview really is.

      You’re honestly not much to me, though. About a week after your “Rolling Stone t-shirt” ad hominem attack on me two summers ago, I knew who you were. It’s Delaware. Everything pieced together so nicely.

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    • OK, whatever. There are many mean spirited things (said in Delaware) to go around. One could say that after decades of residency I may go a bit native at times when my dander is up. BUT — I will say with serious compliment that you — Mike Matthews — are at your best when you ask the public to stop labeling and start solving. That positive mindset and aspiration will be a big contribution to progress in our state. You do have a downside, documented by years of vitriolic and profane online posts, but I actually do set that aside and would like to focus for now on when you are at your best. In full disclosure, however, other people hold it (your earlier profanity) against you in a more permanent way. Tha is reality.

      There are alot of competing needs in any society. Ours included. I only ask that we ALL stop trying to tear down successful schools and start trying to build up all schools. And in additional full disclosure, when someone tries to tear down success like a dog in a manger, then the rules which I (and others) go by are far and few between on both sides. All is fair —

      The Rep and the Tyrant are not neutral. In the Tyrant’s case, not even fair or transparent or (dare I say it) honest. If these people tee up Saul Alinsky then it’s All-Saul All-The-Time. Their argument is basically to say “my view will succeed BASED ON destroyiing my opponents”. The “opponents” view (e.g., mine) is to say — we are trying to create great highly successful schools and we invite and welcome all who embrace this goal. In short, the charter/magnet/votech people are aspirational. Our opponents are (fill in blank here, don’t hold back).

      I do respect the work you do in teaching. Your union bombast, not so much. But in the former, we both and all should focus on improvement and not on the “crab in a bucket” zero-sum philosophy which drives the flawed “charters destroy traditionals” mindset.

      Sorry for running on and on. But given your prominence at meetings I thought it best to tend in the direction of more exhaustive blog-comment. Let’s agree to for all of all-up.

      All in?



    • “And in additional full disclosure, when someone tries to tear down success like a dog in a manger, then the rules which I (and others) go by are far and few between on both sides. All is fair —”

      What does this mean?


    • pandora,

      It means “you attack me, you atttack my whole family”. Quoted from Danny DeVito in “Twins”. A funny farce.

      Walk in my house with gasoline and a cigarette, and don’t be surprised when I pull out the EPA-certified napalm. Or Tony Soprano..

      Kowalko, Street, whatever. When these guys (a loosely defined term) channel George Wallace and then push it over onto well-meaning families who want good things in DE education, then the gloves are off.

      Jea Street sent his kids to Tower Hill. Yea, fact.

      John Kowalko brags about the Catholic school he attended — but i is today a $20K annual school wich is argualby elitist. Yes, fact.

      So one could easily conclude that Street and Kowalko are hypocrites. They believe in public schools “for other people”. I’m only judging them by their own histories. Maybe that is unfair, you decide.

      People are free to conclude what they wish.



  8. Joanne Christian

    Greg–your sentiments are so very valid in where the whole institution of public education has gone in the “hands off” game of discipline, classroom management, and role modeling. The best social contract the United States had going in educating everyone, has eroded in the hands of our present narcissistic, guiltless, instantaneous society we have seemingly created to our collective detriment of citizenry.

    If my child was facing danger, I’d be right there filling out forms. If my child is facing rude, ill-mannered, obnoxious, over-active peers, they need to stay right there and show a more civilized approach, and be that student a teacher can feel vindicated of “why I teach”. I promise you, whether we like it or not–the very peers we are pulling them away from, are the very ones they will be dealing with the rest of their life, so this is the time to innocculate them to that distraction. If it’s any comfort;and I’m 80% finished with raising my brood; and the amazing “gift” that comes out of “blooming where you’re planted”–is I marvel at the ease my college and adult children ease in and around cultures with true friendships and passion, the trust they have across demographic boundaries, the scholarship money they have pulled in–Heaven knows, not all from grades, and NOW the jobs and promotions they have received HUGELY in part of their soft skills. With that–I KNOW (because peers of theirs have told me since, and I blush), all the while the modeling of “knowing better, so doing better” set the stage for some to really go beyond what that peer thought was available, a chance, or an option to do. Unbeknownst to me, again–it was that rerouting of assinine behavior that had to be tolerated in unthreatened
    acceptance to the epiphany of “doin’ good brings good”. It has been a journey.
    Believe it or not, my bigger headaches were the parents. As much as you see this wild child you just know is corrupting yours and telling them Santa ain’t real–they all got better. But watch those parents. Those demanding, pound of flesh, even the piles, I want to see the video, my attorney says, sign this, if he/she didn’t sit by…., he/she DID do the work but…, he has soccer, she needs to watch the baby, our daycare doesn’t, he must have the cell phone on at all times and with him, the weather isn’t, I never saw that, probably a peanut allergy, you never told us, you have to give more time, well what about Bobby the other kid?, and you need to reschedule that detention because she has a game, and you can’t make them wear that–type of parent–just take note that child is being insulated and not innocculated to the world.
    And for the parent who is checked out, and didn’t even know school started, let alone they were to send a pencil–but you’re eating a hotdog with them at something they DID hear about was free with eats–you don’t have to worry about them. Sure, they may be a lousy role model for their kid, and education, but they are happy to let CJ run with your kid etc….and guess what CJ LOVES being included in a “normal–higher functioning environment with boundaries”. And thrives. SCORE!
    Like or not–it’s a different world. The teachers’ hands are tied, the institution has been betrayed by the very adult world we want students to grow up, function, and behave in. You have to find a way to make peace with the building your child is in, the peers that will forever be their contemparies, and “do better because we know better”. It’s the civilized way to mitigate what increasingly is becoming “their world”. I’d rather my child have “an edge” without “the edge”. Feeling your pain, it’s not easy.


    • Well there’s a pretty picture 🙂 All of that is good and well except it isn’t really the purpose of school, is it? That’s a lot of distractions you wrote about.. and I guess it explains why we have so many kids not knowing which form of ‘there’ or ‘your’ to use in a basic sentence and why we have so many kids in remedial classes in college. So I guess you’re against the sheltered world of private school and homeschooling?


    • And I thought is was a simple brag sheet. Silly me.