Data mining of Delaware student identifiable information and across the country without parental consent should be a felony



Group calls for moratorium, asks for investigation

Activists in Pennsylvania led by Anita Hoge have gathered documents that show the state is allowing contracts with third-party vendors who have access to confidential student records without the informed written consent of parents. Hundreds of data points are connected to each individual student through a “unique number” assigned to the student in direct violation of state law, said Hoge, a member of Pennsylvanians Restoring Education and an expert on the student assessment industry.

See Red Clay’s Contract with Teach for America / page 13 C. Inadvertent Access to Student-Identifiable Data “Teach for American may receive and collect student identifiable data from individual teachers”. Folks remember Teach for America teachers were “district” employees paid directly by the district as regular teachers. Furthermore, Red Clay has not produce their own report on effectiveness of Teach for America teachers in relationship to student achievement. But the important concern here is Red Clay allowed Teach for America to collect student identifiable data without parental consent. Our state legislators need to take action! 


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  1. Maybe Red Clay should enter into another contract with Teach For America and see if they can get it right the second time around. Use TFA to backfill all attrition. It might even save enough money to stave off the referendum tax increase or at least make it smaller — from the current “way too much” increase to a more moderate “it’s a bit rich” level. And doing this will give everyone enough time to read through FERPA again before yelling fire in the theatre.


    • TFAs come in a union scale PLUS you have to pay the vigorish to the mother ship.


    • Everything is negotiable?


    • kilroysdelaware

      Red Clay’s former super signed a $300,000.00 contract (10 TFAs) with Teach for America without board approval on the basis of sole-source provider whereas no bid for services was made re: no competitor. However, there was TNTP that provided permanent teachers not two year wonders like TFA. The 300K was over and above salaries and benefits. TFA’s were hired as Red Clay employees. The 300K was nothing more that a political bird-dog fee. Also, after fulfilling the two-year TFA requirement the TAF’s are given $5,645.00 per year = $11,290.00 via AmericCorp federal funds. So the actual cost of a TFA is $10,000.00 + $5,645.00 = $15,645.00 per year + regular pay and benefits @ union scale. Do keep in mind, most of these TFA candidate are newly graduated college students whom many didn’t major in education and were ran through summer school student teaching and crash course in learning the ropes re: developing lesson plans. Red Clay refused to tell the public the TFA turnover citing employee confidential. One of the underlining agendas is, get TFA’s feet wet in the classroom and move them into leadership programs to come back an take on administrative roles with the intention of advancing the corporate model takeover. Wendy Kopp CEO of TFA is wife to Richard Barth CEO of KIPP.


  2. Joanne Christian

    HELLO? Really PD? I could care less about the test. It’s what I have based my whole opposition on is the data mining. Maybe YOU should read again how our childrens’ FERPA rights were unceremoniously abridged to INCLUDE 3rd party access by the stroke of a pen by President Obama about three years ago. Haven’t you noticed an uptick of “surveys” your child has taken the last 3 years? Haven’t you been asked at the dinner table “how much money do you and Daddy make?”–like I was THREE TIMES last year by an innocent 5th grader, and smart aleck junior, who report “they asked us on……”? How about their “religious participation”, and amount of attendance……need I go on? Just remember CONFIDENTIAL and ANONYMOUS are worlds apart…….and this goes way beyond checking a race box.

    Glad to see this is FINALLY getting some play here Kilroy. Coud care less about my child’s scoring rubric up or down–but HELL if I’m doing demographic FACEBOOK by child proxy for the government!!!!

    BIG DATA. Get it? They did.

    Now, you have stirred me up Kilroy!!!

    And yes, I’m “opted out”. But since there isn’t a word in our state for that–I am declining.


    • I always answer like these:

      Income: North of a million*
      Race: Human
      Religious Participation: Occasional
      Amount of Attendance: See “Participation”


      * Spouse is more honest, saying “Not much north of a million”


    • Joanne Christian

      You’re much more forthcoming than me. If available for a write-in–it’s “none of your business”. However, I am now finding out, participants can’t move on to the next question on the screen unless they make a choice, and “none of your business” isn’t one of them.

      Imagine that? My selection in race has been dramatically improved to include Pacific Islander, and variations of Hispanola, but income has been limited to increments of 10K. And no allowance made for barter, and ill-gotten gain. So I KNOW north of a million will just freeze that screen. :).


    • It’s all a game. I have to vary my responses to fit the rubric. In general, no one cares about any income north of 100,000 (they consider everything above to be “rich”) so I pick and choose. I’ve been stuck at $100,000 for years, occasionally earning “north of a million” when the rubric permits. I don’t choose lower, not wanting to disrepsect those with modest earnings. There actually was a year where I had — let’s just say — far less than $100,000 but who cares? I think I claimed a mil that year. They ask about income, not wealth, so the questions are irrelevant.

      Race is the most fun. My uncle answers “horse thief” whenever he can. I take my cues from him. My Dad always stops to scratch his skin and say “I can’t tell, dammit!” My other uncle scratches his Navy tattoo and says something about a mother. I’ve suffered a damaged upbringing for sure. 🙂


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    • Joanne,

      If “none of your business” doesn’t work, try adding in an adjective which amends the word ‘business’. It may not work, but it always makes you feel better. 🙂



    • My Dad just weighed in. “WTF”. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. He wants to know why his forearm is being impugned in Delaware.


    • And my uncle(s) call for a showdown. Geezus, I can’t control these Patriots. Nor should I —


  3. lastDEconservative


    By telling you they would never permit such a thing to happen, and that it was not the intent of the data gathering, they were telling you it would happen, by precise intent. Duh.

    If you are pointing at “them” saying “caught you!”, shame on you for still not understanding what (and how) is really going on here.

    Did you notice that just today (or maybe it was yesterday for you apostrophe watchers) Obama blatantly announced a whole ‘nother level of impending progress on another of his destructions, the intentional militarization of local police forces, moving toward his long ago announced intent for a second national force, as well funded as the military?

    “C’mon, last, that’s exactly the opposite of what he said the pending executive order was about.”

    Egg Zactly.

    And you think school children’s birth date and reading scores will be the end of us? Wake up, folks.


  4. Joanne Christian

    They were Labor Coaches LDC. It’s all over.