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Data mining of Delaware student identifiable information and across the country without parental consent should be a felony



Group calls for moratorium, asks for investigation

Activists in Pennsylvania led by Anita Hoge have gathered documents that show the state is allowing contracts with third-party vendors who have access to confidential student records without the informed written consent of parents. Hundreds of data points are connected to each individual student through a “unique number” assigned to the student in direct violation of state law, said Hoge, a member of Pennsylvanians Restoring Education and an expert on the student assessment industry.

See Red Clay’s Contract with Teach for America / page 13 C. Inadvertent Access to Student-Identifiable Data “Teach for American may receive and collect student identifiable data from individual teachers”. Folks remember Teach for America teachers were “district” employees paid directly by the district as regular teachers. Furthermore, Red Clay has not produce their own report on effectiveness of Teach for America teachers in relationship to student achievement. But the important concern here is Red Clay allowed Teach for America to collect student identifiable data without parental consent. Our state legislators need to take action! 

A Christmas Poem For Governor Markell, Warning Signs All Over! @KilroysDelaware @ed_in_de @RCEAPrez @Apl_Jax @ecpaige @nannyfat @Roof_O @DelawareBats #netde #eduDE #Delaware #edchat

Exceptional Delaware

‘Tis the season for giving.  Yes, we have a Scrooge McLameduck wanting to take kids schools away for the holidays.  But I found this poem written by a certain Governor.  Not really, but it was fun writing it.

Twas the night before Christmas, in the DOE house, not a computer was whirring, not even a mouse.  All the teachers were hanging, by the Governor’s chair, in the fears that more charter schools, soon would be there.

The students were testing, all cramped like the dead, while Visions of rigor, danced in their heads.  And Murphy in his suit, and Markell on his throne, had just settled down, their faces like stone.

When out on the playground, a student said no.  Markell rose from his tonic, and said we have to go.   Away to the window, the other students looked, they all jumped out, Murphy’s goose was cooked.

The moon shone on…

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