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Kilroy’s 2015 prediction! Sex Scandal to rock DE DOE

With DE DOE crumbling at it’s foundation with poor oversight of charter schools, DE DOE Charter CBOC Reps sitting by while funds meant for children are being raiding to serve adult greed, civil rights complaints, violations of Title 1 Section 1118, and other questionable spreading, the last thing left is a sex scandal. 

The Last Post of 2014 Will Be A Huge Part of 2015

Exceptional Delaware

New Years Eve.  The transition from one year to the next.  Like I said a week ago, this blog will be changing gears soon, and it will be going against the grain.  Some things need to be talked about, and there needs to be an honest conversation about it.  It exists, and it is seldom talked about anymore with all the other talk in Delaware about priority schools and corporate education reform.  I understand teachers are pissed off, and I am to.  I can’t stand what has happened to education in the past ten years.  But one thing gets me angrier than anything, and that’s this:


This is an MRI scan from a boy with special needs.  He got hit in the head two days before Christmas on the last day of school.  This was his 8th physical assault this year.  That is 8 too many.  He got a concussion…

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Audit details financial impropriety at Delaware charter Newsworks DECEMBER 30, 2014

That’s according to an independent forensic audit provided to the state earlier this month and released Monday to the public.

The audit details the frequency with which Sean Moore and Dr. Tennell Brewington made large and lavish purchases using the card. Moore, for example, made 32 purchases of $500.00 or more during the 20-month period covered by the audit. They included a $2,500 car payment at Infiniti of West Chester, $1,491 on “fine watches” at Macy’s, and $3,224 for home furniture at Raymour and Flanigan, to name a few

Brewington made eight such purchases, among them a $1,155 charge at a Northern Virginia spa.

In all, Moore and Brewington charged more than $94,000 in personal expenses to the school card. Of that total, about $77,000 came from the unspent balance of a loan the school had taken out to pay for two capital projects.

What get’s me is, a representative of the Delaware Department of Education is a committee member on the school Citizen Budget Oversight Committee.

I don’t know if what took place was criminal but if so there needs to be criminal charges and the entire school board needs to be replace. Also, action needs to be taken against the DE DOE committee representative.

I am not going to let the big cat out of the bag but OMG wait until Water Boy get’s done! 

I can’t breath but I can’t read either

Big Picture” presents the Community Justice Forum at NDF – December 18th WITN22 Wilmington

Listen to the first community speaker who said,  “I can’t breath but I can’t read either”.  Do what entire video. 

Some members of Christina School Board may be digging in for a fight with Markell re: Priority Schools

Christina’s priority schools debate remains unresolved By Yossi Goldstein / WDEL

Christina School Board member David Resler told WDEL that the money the state is allocating for each of the three Priority schools would barely be enough to cover the proposed annual salary for the hiring of new school leaders.

Looks like a no vote to me!

The vote to accept or reject the DOE’s plan for Christina’s three Priority Schools will take place Jan. 7, 2015.

I’d say no and if Markell wants to takeover the three schools let him. Let Markell walk the talk! LEt’s not forget the state takeover of Moyer that went belly-up!

Time to fold the Delaware Priority Schools tent

Face it, Markell is getting his way with Priority Schools even though the MOU’s might be slightly water-down. Markell will be long gone when we’ll know if the plan was a success. But Markell still gets the feather for his cap for getting tough on failing schools and taking on the union. That’s what it’s all about, feeding Markell’s ego and padding his resume.

So what will 2015 bring on the education front?

Will we see passage of legislation requiring and school districts, votech districts and charter schools to record their board meetings?

What about school vouchers? Will we see any legislation laying the groundwork?

Which legislator will be selected as new chair of the House Education Committee?  

Delaware FOIA shell shocker: DE State Board President sits on Board of Directors for the US Education Delivery Institute. Delaware sends over a quarter million dollars from RTTT there. What???

Rebuttal To Mark Murphy


Mark Murphy is Delaware’s Secretary of Education. The words in black below are his original argument.…  Many facts are twisted, and to get the proper balance, a first-time reader must read his words within proper context….


When children at some of our schools are not learning, we have an obligation to act.

And yet we’ve cut state funding per students’ needs across this past administration, despite receiving a bonus of $119 million in federal money for Race To The Top…. State funding for all public school districts was cranked down. Failing students weren’t a priority then, but now that the local wealthy have a new charter toy in Wilmington, suddenly failing children are now important?  Why weren’t they important in 2013? 2012? 2011? 2010? 2009?

Three months ago, the State announced a commitment to improve educational opportunities for children in our state’s six lowest-performing schools. Our Priority Schools initiative has received…

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The Experts Have Spoken; Mark Murphy/Jack Markell/Penny Schwinn Are Not Experts

Delaware RTTT Expenses for DOE as of Sept 19 2014

FOIA compliments of Rep Kowalko

Delaware: East Side Charter School’s enrollment process must be adopted as law for all Delaware charter schools

Required Documentation 

All applications must have the required documents attached before the application can be processed.

  1. Proof of Age
  2. Proof of a completed lead test (if the applicant is 5 years old or younger)
  3. Updated Immunization (2 varicella shots)
  4. 2 Proofs of Residency*
  5. *1. Lease or Mortgage and one utility bill or two utility bills, (gas, water and/or electric bills accepted)
  6. *2. If Lease, mortgage, or bills are not in the applying parents name(s) please submit a notarized letter from the person you reside with stating your residency and that the potential student resides and one of the owners utility bill
  7. Photo I.D. for parent guardian
  8. Custody Documentation (if applicable)

After Enrollment

In an effort to design the proper support to assist your child, accepted applicants will also need to submit the following documents:

  1. Copy of DCAS/MAP Scores
  2. Copy of Last Report Card
  3. Copy of Child’s I.E.P. (if applicable)
  4. Student Information Form (below)

I urge all Delaware legislator to make note of East Side Charter School’s admission process. This is what I call open enrollment where needs based information is secondary to enrolling students re: After Enrollment.

In contrast to Charter School of Wilmington, East Side Charter Schools is more successful. The goal of education reform going back to inception of ESEA is to address the issues impacting the achievement gap targeting those below the achievement gap. Charter School of Wilmington mission is clearly counterproductive to that goal.

Some call Kilroy anti-charter school which is furthest from the truth! Public schools must be opened to all students without discriminatory admission standards.  Kilroy is also a stickler for transparency and East Side Charter has a fine webpage layout. Kilroy supports school Choice with charter schools being a part of that process. However, again that Choice should not have admission barriers such as sorting children at the front door (admission) like USDA Grades of beef. I am sure East Side has programming within that challenges all students from students demonstrating honors level needs to the lower performing students. This how all “public” schools should operate and if charters are public they must serve all children regardless to where they fall on the achievement scale. 

Governor Markell manipulates the News Journal to emphasize on  successful charter schools like East Side to justify his re-engineering of traditional public schools via his Priority Schools plan. However, Governor Makell who made a campaign promise of “skimming and creaming”  high achieving students to game the school rating system stacking their charter schools with overachievers like Charter School of Wilmington fail to live up to his promise. It’s clear Governor Markell doesn’t want to offend or burden his white affluent peers with such an undertaking. Sure, no doubt East Side Charter school appreciates the governor support. However, the success of East Side Charter cannot be realized across the state unless our state legislators knock-down what appears to be a white brick wall.  

Again to all Delaware legislators, East Side Charter Schools open admission process should be the model and “law” for all Delaware charter schools. 

Go here to make a donation to East Side Charter School

Three succinct paragraphs from NJ article on “priority” schools that spell it out: 1) lie, 2) bigger lie, and 3) No proof.

Ouch !!! Delaware Governor bitch-slaps Mike Matthews! “No Time for Excuses” Re: Priority Schools

State points to schools that have grown scores Matthew Albright, The News Journal

“The governor keeps pointing to these schools as evidence, but they’re different situations,” said Mike Matthews, president of the Red Clay Education Association and a teacher at Warner Elementary, one of the priority schools. “I think we feel like the state is sort of using these schools to justify the decisions they already want to make based on ideology.”

Not true, said the governor, adding that this is no time for excuses.

“We can argue over the differences between these schools, but at the end of the day, they’re showing huge progress for our kids, and that’s what matters,” Gov. Jack Markell said. “We know we can do this.” 

An Inside Look At The Mindset of The Delaware Charter Schools Network @KilroysDelaware @ed_in_de @RCEAPrez @Apl_Jax @ecpaige @nannyfat @Roof_O @DelawareBats @BadassTeachersA @Avi_WA @TNJ_malbright #netde #eduDE #Delaware #edchat

Exceptional Delaware

I’m sure it will come as no secret that I don’t have a lot of love for the Delaware Charter Schools Network.  I think they have entirely way too much influence on education in Delaware.  Roughly 10% of Delaware students attend charter schools.  In the grand scheme of things, that is not a huge number.  The vast majority of charter school students are in Newcastle County, as they have the largest number of charters.

So why is it that these schools, representing not even a quarter of the population of students in Delaware, cause such controversy?  It could be the propaganda behind them.  The Charter School Law in Delaware was created in 1995.  The original law’s intent is vastly different than the charter school landscape we see nearly 20 years later.  What caused the ground to shift?  One word: Rodel.  When Paul Herdman took the reigns as executive director of…

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