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Will DE Sec of ED Murphy buy into Red Clay’s water-down Priority Schools MOU?

Red Clay District Priority School plans taking shape Matthew Albright, The News Journal

After refusing to sign onto a state plan to turn around three low-scoring Wilmington schools, Red Clay School District officials have crafted an alternative that removes or reduces some controversial details.

Gone are mandatory $160,000 salaries for new school leaders and an explicit requirement every teacher reapply for his or her job.

So gone is radical transformation! However, embattled Delaware Secretary of Education must buy into Red Clay’s plan. With the Wilmington community finally getting their heads out of their asses re: the needs for real unified voice. Sec of Ed Murphy and his puppet master Governor Markell has to stand-down!

Wilmington’s real problems are force busing one-way out-bound re: no middle or traditional high schools, charter schools wanting to segregate at-risk students into warehouses, charter school boards refusing to be more transparent, a city divided by four public school district that created a fractured voice far from being unified and city taxpayers be asked to fund (via referendums) new suburban schools to delivery the promise of neighborhood schools for affluent whites while black Wilmington students continue to be bused out of the city.

Priority school MOUs by Red Clay or the state does nothing to address the core problems. The attack on the unions may have a degree of merit. However, the Markell ass kissing by some righteous self-proclaimed civil rights leaders is pretty much a disgrace to their race. Markell installed a secretary of education with the mind-set of a corporate business leader whereas Wilmington needs the mindset of a social-worker and  sociologist. Much of the problems related to the education disparities among Wilmington poor children is cultural ignorance that is beyond the comprehension of Delaware current secretary of education. I am not saying he is clueless but rather lacks courage to deviate from his Markell marching orders aligned with the education plan Rodel bought and paid for re: supporting Markell’s political endeavors.

As far as Red Clay, I can’t believe they’ll sell requirements to adhere to “priority schools” as part of a pro-referendum drive. What does Red Clay have on the drawing board to delivery the promise of traditional neighborhood schools to Wilmington’s children re: middle and high schools? In the big picture Red Clay administration failed schools deemed priority schools by the state. Years of charter school agendas, magnet schools and adding more suburban schools that serve far more whites than black ins’t taking fair and equitable schools to heart. Then to take Title 1 funding to pay for SAT testing fees for all district students whereas many don’t qualify for Title 1 is nothing more than social rape! 

Wilmington’s political leaders and people who really care about civil rights better wake-up and unify parents, community, all all traditional schools, charters and votechs in the city of Wilmington. Markell and Obama will be leaving office after the 2016 elections and for Delaware, many at DE DOE will be clearing out! Another save the world education plan will be offered by a new batch of politicians. The cycle of failure of children is nothing more than the cycle of failure of adults at the top of decision-making. Change must come from the bottom-up not top-down! And yep, parents need to change and Wilmington leaders need to take the bull by the horn and unify Wilmington’s community.

Again, Delaware’s embattled secretary of education will fold to Red Clay’s priority schools MOU. Red Clay shouldn’t kiss DE DOE’s ass. However, Red Clay was the lead cheerleader for Race to The Top aka the gateway to Common Core Standards and the Smarter Balanced Assessment. The 15 minutes of fame of one will now cost a generation of shame for children. The priority in Red Clay should be local control and decision-making keeping the likes of Rodel OUT! ! 

Still intact is a strategy to exempt the schools from most district rules, allow them to manage their own budgets and give them flexibility to change things like the school calender, hours and curriculum.

So where is the radical change? and the “curriculum” must be aligned with the standards! So nothing new! School calender??? Saturday school or an extra 20 minutes a day? managing their budget? Will we see financial reports down the MBU cells? Red Clay school board should really insist on financial reports for his school that reports down to the MBUs.