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Like I said, force busing still exist in Wilmington Delaware re: City to sue DE DOE over Moyer’s closing

Wilmington sues to keep Moyer open Matthew Albright, The News Journal

Wilmington officials are taking the rare step of suing the state Department of Education in an attempt to keep it from closing the Maurice J. Moyer Academic Institute charter school.

“The economic viability of the city and the safety of its residents depends in large measure on the availability, within the city, of a high-quality public education,” Mayor Dennis P. Williams said in a statement. “We cannot idly sit by as another city high school is put on the chopping block to be closed.”

Because there is no traditional public high school in Wilmington, city officials say current Moyer students would likely be forced to take buses to outside high schools. They have long criticized that system, a legacy of Wilmington’s messy desegregation saga that split the city into four different school districts joined to its suburbs.

“Our city has faced the closure of general, public high [and other] schools and the busing of our kids to schools far from their homes,” Williams’ statement reads, “and as a result, parents have been precluded from participating fully in their children’s education due to a lack of transportation.”

Closing Moyer isn’t the problem! City leaders turning their back on lack of equity re: traditional neighborhood schools in the city of Wilmington is!

City commercial and residential property ownesr help fund the expansion of new schools in the suburbs particularity Red Clay whereas Red Clay refuses to address the lack of traditional middle and high school needs within the city of Wilmington.

If the city of Wilmington is successful in reversing governor Markell’s decision to close Moyer charter school the repercussion with be, every other charter school ordered closed will yell FOUL! Governor Markell is running a puppet show at the Delaware Department of Education seeded with a bunch of Rodel clones. Markell and Sec of Ed Murphy need to close low performing school to show “they” have courage. This is about their lives after Markell leaves office and the Sec of Ed giving the boot by the next governor. Stop playing cowboy in the mirror because you might shoot yourself in the ass! Address the big picture! 

Mr Mayor, I commend you on stepping up however, you’re pissing in the wind! The time now is to demand the dismantling of four school districts dividing Wilmington Delaware. It’s time to end the fragmented voice divided by these district boundaries. Perhaps it’s time to amend the Delaware charter school law allowing the city to charter schools within Wilmington. Wilmington parents need one voice and unified community leaders excluding those providing contractual services to the school district and charter school.