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Interesting Red Clay Cab observation! Male Discrimination @ Cab ?

Update !!!!!!!!! 11/24/2014 There isn’t a bias toward females and the fact is, males students aren’t applying to Cab at the same rate of females. I wonder if the Markell agenda to compete in the global economy via STEM downplays the importance of the arts? The arts can be a career path and furthermore the arts has a big impact on academics.  Red Clay parents, don’t rule out Cab as a choice school for your sons. I focus on academics is equal to that of the arts at Can. They go hand and hand. The arts educates the inner self and raises self confidence which is very important to academic and career success even out side the arts. So my question was answered and my point was, millions of dollars are spend on the data dashboard and data collecting. It’s there to review and question. The Cab data in question just jumped out and I had to engage! But again, parents of male students don’t rule out Cab as a good academic choice and yep they have that specific interest clause. And yep, Cab us a Red Clay magnet school often confused at a charter school. Another note, Cab and CSW do share resources benefiting both Cab and CSW. Down boy (Publius), I am not sell the coexistence of charter and traditional schools.  If Cab were a traditional school were we could measure impact we could play that card. End of update…..  

According to the Delaware Department of Education holy grail data driven website Cab Calloway “magnet school” has enrollment of 70.1% female students and 29.9% male students. Also I noticed Richardson Park Learning Center has student enrollment of 70.6% male students and 29.4% female students. Central school has 69.2% male and 30.8% female.

Sure kilroy has too much time on his hand however, what is the sense of having data if no one reviews it and ask question when there are disparities. I’ll admit, the validity of data provided by the Delaware Department of Education is weak.

All other Red Clay schools with the exception of the three I noted have a reasonable balanced re: male and female students. Wait DMA is 65.1% male and 34.9% female. But then again the arm forces tend to be male dominate.  

Cab’s data is begging to be explored as to why such disparities? Is there bias towards female applicants?  Could a rejected male applicant yell discrimination? Charter School of Wilmington has male population of 49% male and 51% female! So much for boys are better at math than girls :). But for real, does Cab have a hidden specific interest favorable to females?  Yep, Kilroy will run this one up the Red Clay flag pole! Well once Kenny comes down ;).

Delaware Department of ED tells State Board of ED glitches in data base

Assessment Office At DE DOE Didn’t Get Charter School SAT Scores From College Board…Oops! by Exceptional Delaware 

Touchette explained he was unable to get the information for low-income students because of glitches in the system due to the new DOE website.  What is it with this DOE and low-income data?

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