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Delaware parents asleep at the wheel while their children are being abused by the Delaware Department of Education

Scores to plunge on new standardized test Matthew Albright, The News Journal 

Parents and students should brace for scores on the state standardized test to plunge this year as Delaware moves to a much more difficult national exam, with fewer than half – and, in some cases, fewer than a third – of students taking it likely to score proficient.

Delaware is one of 17 states giving its students the Smarter Balanced Assessment, designed to measure the new, tougher Common Core State Standards. Just as the Common Core aims to set higher expectations for what students should know and be able to do academically, state officials say Smarter Balanced is much tougher than the old test, DCAS.

When will Delaware’s parents wake-up and say no more being political lab rats stroking the ego of Jack Markell and standing by as a band of Rodel clones infest the Delaware Department of Education.  

“Because the new content standards set higher expectations for students and the new tests are designed to assess student performance against those higher standards, the bar has been raised,” said Joe Willhoft, Smarter Balanced’s executive director in a news release. “It’s not surprising that fewer students could score at Level 3 or higher. However, over time, the performance of students will improve.”

State officials say the projected scores more accurately represent how likely students are to succeed in college and more closely mirror performance as measured by the national NAEP test.

“We think this is a more realistic representation of what we are seeing after high school,” said Brian Touchette, director of assessment at the state Department of Education.

So let me get this right! Our most neediest students can’t meeting the current bar set lower than the Smarter Balanced Assessment and the answer to improving their education is raising the the bar?  

If the NAEP is already measuring Delaware student performance against peers in other states why do we need a state test that does the same? DCAS was a growth model “assessment” taken-three times a year in efforts to offer academic intervention. The Smarter Balances Assessment is given at the end of the year way too late to offer students academic intervention. “We think” Mr. Touchette  says! And when Markell’s house of cards come crashing down in two-years we’ll be hearing “we thought”! Just like Rodel “thought” DSTP was a good thing! 

Numbers are not available at the state level because not all states had representative samples, Touchette said.

Touchette emphasized that scores on the test will probably improve steadily as teachers and students begin to more fully implement Common Core.

And Governor Markell is “probably” and ass but we won’t know the fully extent until he is fully out of office. We cannot serve children on “We think” or “probably”. To me those are code word signifying lack of confidence in one’s work!

“We have schools and educators who are dedicated to better instruction in classrooms, and we are confident the scores will start to show that,” he said.

If they could meet the objective of NCLB via DCAS what makes you think they’ll do it here?  

The state has taken steps to blunt the initial shock parents will likely feel when many students who had previously performed well come home with scores telling them they are not meeting the standards set for them.

And parents need to send a blunt message back to corporate owned Delaware Department of Education by opting-out their child from taking the Smarter Balanced Assessment. The is no Delaware law on record saying they can’t and certainly there is no penalty for doing so!

Teacher evaluations for this year, for example, will not include standardized test scores, a sticking point for some educators.

But the data will be used to set next years priority schools which will be skewed data. Student test schools will be view by many charter schools as par of their admission process and we know about the cherry-picking! If this test is used to measure school performance you can bet charter schools will be going after student who school at proficiency. 

“What we are really trying to emphasize here is that students and teachers are not doing any worse,” Touchette said. “We are just asking them to meet a higher bar.”

And I am the town idiot with a GED and a pocketful of college credits. You are asking them to kiss Jack Markell’s ass and stroke Rodel’s misguided ego!

The sad part of this academic nightmare is, we have two more years of Jack Markell’s education wrecking-ball. You can bet and the next governor will clean house and purge the most unprofessional kiss asses in DE DOE this state has ever seen!

Did you notice the News Journal didn’t interview one parent or one teacher for their opinion! Not even the PTA!

Where are our state legislators in all of this? When will parents get some relief from this nightmare!

How many more children must endure senseless test anxiety?