WOW! What a promise Early College High School! 30-60 transferable college credits!

Save the full expense of college by having your high school student graduate with 30-60 transferable college credits which will eliminate the need for 1-2 years of college. Your son or daughter could be a member of the first class of Delaware’s first-ever Early College High School!

Amazing! 30-60 transferable college credits on top a world class high school education! Sound like students enrolling in this charter school must be very focused! Maybe the last post about discipline issues was a rumor! Image going onto college and graduating in two years instead of four! 


4 responses to “WOW! What a promise Early College High School! 30-60 transferable college credits!

  1. Check out what AI duPont HS is planning.


  2. Earning direct college credit while in High School is the best incentive ever invented. Forget AP courses, go directly to College. My daughter graduated from the old Campus Community HS and took classes at Wesley College that also counted for HS credit. She entered the University of Delaware as a second semester first year student. KUDOS to DSU for their innovation.


  3. Good supporting comment WTG…

    The term “innovation” refers to making meaningful change to improve products, processes, or organizational effectiveness and to create new value for stakeholders as DSU/ECHS and Campus Community
    has accomplished.
    – involves the adoption of an idea, process, technology, product or business model that is either new or new to its proposed application.
    – the outcome of innovation is a discontinuous or breakthrough
    change in results, products, and processes.

    Successful organizational innovation is a multi-step process that involves development and knowledge sharing, a decision to implement, implementation, evaluation, and learning.

    Although innovation is often associated with technological innovation, it is applicable to all key organizational processes that would benefit from change, whether through breakthrough improvement or change in approach or outputs.

    It could include fundamental changes in the organizational structure
    or business model to more effectively accomplish the organization’s work.

    Fanning the flames of innovation in Delaware,


  4. lastDEconservative

    What could go wrong? The kids can’t recite the times three table, in fact they can’t even read it, the “history” they do know is either edited or made up, they can’t write a paragraph, and they believe the capital S State is a better mom and dad than their’s’ at home (or mom and mom, or dad and dad, or wasdadnowmom and mom, or wasmomnowdad and dad, whichever). What could go wrong?