OMG! Is Delaware PTA waking up from a Markell induced coma?

Join us on Saturday November 22, 2014 for our Annual State Convention

State assessments are given for the purpose of measuring school accountability. Individual tests results provide information to parents and teachers about student knowledge and understanding. The assessments are aligned to the standards taught in Delaware public schools. As Delaware transitions to the new Smarter Assessments, there is growing concern among parents and educators across the state with regards to how the data is used, the appropriateness of the test and the impact to students, educators and schools. As a result of these concerns, parents are beginning to call for the right to “opt” their student out of state assessments. The purpose of this session is explore what “parent opt-out” really means, understand the short and long term implications of advocating for a parent’s right to opt-out of state assessments and gain a better understanding of what parents can expect from the new Smarter Assessments.

Wow !!! Read between the lines! This is a bold statement coming from PTA. And guess what folks, there in nothing in Delaware Code Title 14 that requires penalties for parents and students opting-out of state testing. 

The law describes the district and school responsibilities and cheating! Good for PTA taking a bold tactful step to address this issue. I’ll bet Secretary of Education Mark Murphy and DE DOE’s mouth piece are walking around the floor of the PTA convention with heads red as fire trucks! If the question was sent to AG Denn, I wonder what his ruling would be? 

As far as the Smarter Balanced Assessment, even DE DOE officials says first-year results are going to be poor because of higher standards! Bullshit! We need to end school ratings based on skewed state standards test!

Exceptional Delaware October 15 ,2014: “The Board of Education for the Capital School District passed a resolution at their meeting tonight to allow parents to opt their children out of standardized testing.  This is a major victory, not just for Capital, but the entire state.  This is the shot heard round the world for education in this state.  This is a district saying no to the DOE.  This is a district saying parents have a choice in their child’s education.  I wish I was there for it, but I am still very happy!  I will update this as I get more information!” 

UNITED OPT OUT: The Movement to End Corporate Education Reform 

In the summer of 2013, United Opt Out spent all of June writing 50 state opt out/refusal guides to arm everyone with an essential tool, specific to their state, in order to halt corporate education reform via opt out. This summer we have taken it a step further. We have documented our activist journey in an effort to share a broader understanding of “opt out” – “opt out” is much more than simply refusing high stakes tests. As we reclaim the conversation on public education with An Activist Handbook for the Education Revolution we share with you our UOO personal journey, detailed actions, and research to support you in 2014-2015. All proceeds from our book will be used to further our efforts at

United Opt Out to educate, take action and allow all children to have the following – as stated in our demand: United Opt Out National serves as a focused point of unyielding resistance to corporate ed. reform. We demand an equitably funded, democratically based, anti-racist, desegregated public school system for all Americans that prepares students to exercise compassionate and critical decision making with civic virtue.


8 responses to “OMG! Is Delaware PTA waking up from a Markell induced coma?

  1. no. This is a straight up set up by the PTA methinks.

    The purpose of this session is explore what “parent opt-out” really means, understand the short and long term implications of advocating for a parent’s right to opt-out of state assessments and gain a better understanding of what parents can expect from the new Smarter Assessments.

    Translation: it means you have no protection, the school gets labeled, ,fails AYP, loses money, blah blah blah etc You watch what the gates funded PTA does with this. They will NEVER support opt out.

    They are bought and paid for in Delaware. they are core to the core.

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  2. Joanne Christian

    Since when do I have to “call for my right” ? I had it all along, excercised it, and such a shame the PTA is only now catching up with this. So much for advocacy. And all those dues go for………….????? Working against us??? The teachers????…the students???? Anyone know how to spell P— T— O ????

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  3. I have to give them props for setting up a forum like this. I know they have already gotten a lot of heat from the powers that be, but any public conversation on this is good. To anyone reading this, I will add what I have said before. If everyone does it, they won’t cut funding to every school district. It would be political suicide and there would be a massive mutiny on their hands.

    What I am concerned about with this event is attendance. It’s $50.00 to walk in the door. In my eyes, education is free, and a group representing parents and teachers should be as well.


    • Kevin, I know you love your research. DEPTA gets no props.

      None. They take gates money and sell DE parents out. Relentlessly.

      Of note, DSEA is a “platinum” sponsor of this sham event.


  4. May I ask…
    – What has been the participation levels over the past three, five, ten years?
    – Are they attracting their target audience; parents for all over DE?
    – Is there survey or “Voice of the Customer” survey data – levels, trends, comparisons, integration – available/published?
    – If so, has this resulted in adjusting the stated aim of the conference?
    – How is trend information used by the conference design team.
    – How is (aspiring) success determined?
    – How is this information distributed to customers and stakeholders
    of the organization?
    – Is this event benchmarked, nationally?
    – Does the organization embrace (leadership) succession planning?
    – How are process improvement methodologies (Plan-Do-Study-Act)

    Perhaps, the $50.00 entrance fee is prohibitive, especially for single moms; $10 -$15 might be more in-line with other state-wide conferences.

    So, without knowing/learning more about their customers, how
    would DE/PTA leaders know how to plan better and use this event
    in becoming a learning organization.


  5. Joanne Christian

    Oh please….if this is their back-pedaling way to ingratiate their way with parents, it’s too little–too late. They had no trouble LOBBYING for passage of every piece of legislation Markell, Sokola, et al, could dream up in the last 2-3 years–climbing over the bodies of PBS, higher ed, and aware parents and teachers. Those legislative education policy writers did the bidding, had the PTA in their back pocket, then took off for loftier positions out-of-state or on the federal level. Guess what Delaware PTA?, You get to stay here and reap what you sow. This havoc you complicitly enacted on Delaware education and these students is LAW now, and to undo this mess is going to take more than a “summit” or “inservice”.

    I don’t know which is more galling–the audacity of knowing our very own state PTA wouldn’t stand strong enough against a popular, political tide–or you want to charge 50 bucks to feign indignation about a “parents’ right to opt-out”?

    Schools should be reconsidering just where their dues go . Nothing like funding the ammunition of those who worked against you. Won’t National be proud?

    For 2 bucks (toll money 🙂 ), and a sandwich, I’ll convene with any of you and set your minds, and paperwork straight! No membership card needed.

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