Is Delaware newest charter school Early College High School tripping out the gate?

Could be one of those rumors but  I am hearing Delaware newest charter school, Early College High @ Delaware State University is tripping out the gate re: discipline issues.

Many of us know there is a misconception about charter schools being this safe and secure setting where students are all well behaved and don’t bully others. Kids are kids and without proper intervention programs the best of kids will display negative behavior. But when it comes to calling the police into a school the clock ticks re: persistently dangerous schools. 

What I am hearing is, Delaware newest charter school opening this year is having discipline problems and doesn’t have staff trained in crisis intervention. Though the problems could be minor it appears it’s bad enough for parents to start complaining.

Word has it some parents did address the Early College High School board of directors at yesterday’s board meeting, November 20, 2014. Seems the response was a bit lame-ass!

To the parents of Early College High School: Your charter schools is a “public school” belonging to “you”. Never forget that! I urge you and you PTA / PTO to demand the school board digitally record their board meetings and until a time they agree you should take on the responsibility! Those of you who have a smart phone have a built in digital recorder and video record. I urge you to use those “tools”. The board may tell you digital recorders are expensive and I say bullshit !

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Parents must stay engaged in the issues and not sit around clueless like mushrooms growing the dark. However and more importantly, parents and the community must be an active part of the school and yes issues. Don’t let Early College High School end up another Pencader or be forced closed like other charter schools. The school founders made a promise in their charter school application and “you” must hold them to that promise.

To the PTA / PTO of Early College High School: You have the greatest responsibility to ensure this school delivers the “promise”. Keep this board working in the daylight and I suggest you also, record your PTA / PTO meetings. Pencader and other charter schools “ordered” closed failed to keep the accountability cards on the table!  

Most of you know, once you choice you child into all charter or out of district school your child is stuck there for one year! Unless there is “good cause”. Do keep in mind this rule is about money not kids! The local funds from feeder district are required to follow the student to charters or out of district choice schools.

Do keep in mind all new charter schools have growing pains but that should mean physical or emotional threats towards your child by other students. Always remember this, if another student touches your child in any way with aggressive intentions it is called ” offensive touching”.  You don’t need your school’s administration to call the police! If schools are acting in good faith by acknowledging or address safety issues they aren’t good protectors of your child.  

I honestly hope what I am hearing is all rumor! I did weigh the source and it was enough for me to express my concern. Too many things get swept under the rug in this state and we can’t take chances with our kids.  


12 responses to “Is Delaware newest charter school Early College High School tripping out the gate?

  1. What is the definition of offensive blogging? 🙂


  2. Several parents met with school Director in Sept on numerous issues and things did not get better and yes students and teachers out of control discipline remains an issue


  3. What admission process?! Lets fill da seats up you? 9th grade again that’s ok…you? Behavior problems that’s ok…all kinds of students in da school


  4. Jon's Loving Mother

    I met this board of ding dongs in the Dover mall as they manned a table at an event before opening. I asked them specifically how they would handle things like the IEP process and discipline issues. They all enthusiastically shared that they were all so well trained, as the teachers would be. They had NO plans for how they would accommodate and evaluate students for IEPs other than the canned words they all babble about. After I continued to talk, they one by one began looking away, pretending to be engaged in active listening elsewhere. I kept going on and on, as it amused me to watch them squirm. I knew after being involved in a charter school that they would be an epic fail. It is so unfortunate that they use our kids like they are something growing in a petri dish. Let’s see if this charter school will work! Well that didn’t go well. Let’s see what this one can do. And on and on and on. Wake up Delaware!!


  5. I read the news

    The meeting held at the school to discuss the recent shooting incident was open to parents/guardians students but NO press was allowed?! Why?! You would think they would want everyone to know what security measures are in place or will be put in place right?! Wellll, Not a safe school??


    • kilroysdelaware

      If that were the case than the meeting was “illegal”. However, the shooting in the parking lot aka on Del State campus was not by a student of this school or was a victim! right? Was it while school was in session? If so then there might be security problem!


  6. This charter school and a new dorm are not on the actual campus. It’s where a Sheraton used to be and Del State bought it. This is also where the shooting was. I don’t see a security gate like the regular campus does, so there are definitely some security problems.


    • I read the news

      It occurred during school hours and It has been reported that the victim was a DSU student who resided at the new dorm. The shooting occurred in the parking lot where the early college buses were parked waiting for dismissal.


  7. I read the news

    Go visit the school – automatic sliding doors open up, nothing or no one stopping you to enter the building — no security!