Breaking !!!!!!!!! Joe Doe hijacks Pandora’s post over at Delaware Liberal

“Concerned Neighbors Of Cooke Elementary School” VS The Red Clay School Board Filed in Delaware by pandora on November 18, 2014 

Go read the comment section for this Pandora post here……………. ! Joe Doe is churning up heated conversation!  


4 responses to “Breaking !!!!!!!!! Joe Doe hijacks Pandora’s post over at Delaware Liberal

  1. lastDEconservative

    Priceless! Progressive wagon circling of the first order shown here. And the lot of them fended off by one child armed with a keyboard and an intellect undamaged by their collective (if you will) mindset and decades of well poisoning! Their ad hominem laced outrage ably demonstrates their shock that someone sees behind the curtain and is able to discern reality in the billowing smoke.

    Rock on, dude/ette, whoever you are!


  2. Good propaganda, last-gasping DE Cons–you manage to ignore the kid’s complete failure to back up any of his rumor-mongering with facts, and to miss the multiple signs that he doesn’t really attend CSW. And–frankly–you’re too timid to actually post this comment over there because it would require you to deal with issues like that.

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  3. Steve,
    You assumed that LOSTdeC actually took the time to critically read all or the majority of the posts.
    I do agree that the inaccuracies in his post does call into question his/her attendance at CSW. He sounds like bitter individual, regardless of whether he did attend.


  4. lastDEconservative

    snewton186(votes) and EdMonger never fail to prove my point better than I ever could. Dangerous people, these two.