The votes are in re: yea or nay on specific interest admission preferences for Delaware public schools

Do you support elimination of the Specific Interest Admission Preference in all Delaware public funded schools

No 52.38%  (55 votes)   

Yes 44.76%  (47 votes)   

Note Sure 2.86%  (3 votes) 

Total Votes: 105

I am a bit surprised and thought the yes votes would prevail with a wide margin. However, I purposely didn’t single-out charter schools and said, all public funded schools.

Personally many of bitching about specific interest admission preferences was targeted at charter schools. I knew Red Clay’s CAB magnet school was very selective and then came Red Clay’s other magnet school Conrad followed by Red Clay’s IB programs.

During last month’s Red Clay Board meeting board president Kenny wanted to push a vote to eliminate the specific interest admission preferences in Red Clay schools. He lit the fuse to major fireworks! Though Red Clay’s Charter School of Wilmington might have been in the cross-hairs, Red Clay’s two magnet schools and their IB program at Dickinson High School have specific interest admission preferences. So a vote to eliminate specific interest would require elimination district-wide.

Red Clay school board recently approved CSW charter renewal in June 2014. Sorry to say that was the time to put the specific interest question to vote. Apparently it appears there was a consensus to review that question down the road aka another time. Personal I think the board members who had concerns were pretty much hoodwinked by other board members.  

Person, though I have strong feelings against using specific interest admission preferences, I must said Red Clay painted itself in the corner. I know the pros and cons in regards to this question but the elimination of specific interest at this time isn’t a good idea. As far as Charter School of Wilmington, at best Red Clay students meeting the specific interest must have first preference. That I will never give up on because Red Clay plays the card Charter School of Wilmington is a “Red Clay” school. Also, Red Clay got it’s way with DE DOE to have all charter schools chartered by Red Clay included in district profile know CSW and DMA would give the district an academic bump and stoke the super’s ego.

One thing for sure, the question in regards to specific interest as it relates to charter schools must be address by state legislator and the time has come for a complete review if this admission preference via impact study. Comes down to this, if it allowable for charter schools which are sold as “public schools” then it should be allowable to traditional public schools. And here comes the capital funding questions! Fine, once the law is passed allowing traditional public schools to set specific interest admission preferences the sure. workout a capital funding formula equal across the board. Better yet, end the referendum process and shift the responsibility of funding capital and operational needs to the state legislators as votechs needs are.  


5 responses to “The votes are in re: yea or nay on specific interest admission preferences for Delaware public schools

  1. lastDEconservative

    “I am a bit surprised and thought the yes votes would prevail with a wide margin.”

    Public railing v. private expression of self interest. Easy to understand.


  2. Nice try with the big lie. The Truth? Charter schools ARE public schools. Get over it.

    Districts can have specific interest admissions in their schools by operating magnet schools. All it takes is a willing board. But most boards won’t go the distance out of collective paralysis. Some, as a baby-steps alternative, take the school-within-a-school route which is just fine until they make the two-faced denial that they are not deploying specific interest when deciding who gets into that school within a school. Yeah, right. That and a nickel …

    Here is an innovation we should all get behind. A system of different schools which AS A SYSTEM provide something for all but which individually are not one size fits all. Embrace the diversity of schools. Mass customization. Innovation. It is the way people work. Just ask the Soviets. Or Mao.

    As Sam Rayburn said, any jackass can kick down a barn — it takes a carpenter to build one. Let’s build a great system of schools and stop trying to force one format on all. Let’s get new businesses to invest and locate in Delaware BECAUSE of the schools rather than in spite of them. Let’s stop trying to “fix” what works and start working to “fix” what doesn’t.



    • kilroysdelaware

      Public “funded” schools! But I’ll bend on the specific interest re: magnet schools and special programs. I am going to do my best to make tonight’s Red Clay meeting if I am back in town in time. However, the board now knows my position.

      On the political front there is momentum re” vouchers / education savings account. Perhaps vouchers will address the deficiencies in these weak charter schools. Also, looks like Red Clay admin asleep at the wheel re: CSW refusal to post board meeting minutes. Change is coming in leadership roles. Hopefully CSW has an opening for one more administrator.

      Thanks for the 20 pound box of steaks but I didn’t accept and Federal Express is returning them to Omaha. Nice try ! I don’t take brides


    • OK, I’ll bite. Where’s the beef? 🙂


  3. A SYSTEM provide something for all but which individually are not one size fits all.

    That would be Red Clay–at least on the middle and high school level. Let’s see: three charter schools chartered by the board; one performing arts magnet high school; one science magnet high school; two traditional high schools; one traditional high school also housing an IB program. One magnet science middle school; one magnet performing arts middle school. A consistent surplus of families trying to choice into the district over those trying to leave.