DE DOE mouse reports Charter School Accountability Committee swinging ax!

DE DOE mouse reports, Delaware Charter School Accountability Committee swinging ax! Recommendations to Secretary of Education Murpphy and state board of education not to renew Reach and Gateway’s charter. Also, Odyssey charter renewed with some conditions. Updates to follow.

WDEL got it covered ! NJ Jimmy Olsen appears to have went Elvis!

Committee votes to revoke charters for Reach Academy, Gateway Lab School By Amy Cherry 5:02pm, November 17, 2014

A key committee votes not to renew charters for Reach Academy for Girls and Gateway Lab School.

The Charter School Accountability Committee voted to recommend that Reach and Gateway’s charters not be renewed at the end of the school year due to poor academic performance at both schools.

Both schools’ charters were set to expire at the end of the year.

A public hearing will be held on the issue December 10 in Wilmington before State Education Secretary Mark Murphy and the state Board of Education votes to accept or reject the committee’s recommendation.

This isn’t the first time the committee has voted on the struggling Reach Academy. 

The school was placed on probation in 2011. Labeled one of the “worst-performing” schools in the state, Reach was ordered to be closed by state Education Secretary Mark Murphy in 2013, but the state’s only all-girls public school sued the Delaware Department of Education for sexual discrimination, halting the closure.


7 responses to “DE DOE mouse reports Charter School Accountability Committee swinging ax!

  1. What happened with that lawsuit? I did see a rather odd payment from the DOE on Delaware Online Checkbook the other day.

    I know one particular parent who will scream if Gateway closes. We will hear her all over Delaware!


    • Kevin, I know 210.


    • It sounds like 210 parents need to go to the DOE Board of Education meeting on Thursday in Dover at 1pm and make public comment!


    • Reality is that 500 people could show up and it wouldn’t matter. At all. There’s no real fallout for Murphy or the board. So a handful of people squawk for a couple of weeks. Big deal. Things blow over quickly in this state. Is anyone taking about Moyer anymore?

      They log public remarks because they have to but it has zero impact on the outcome.


    • “They log public remarks because they have to but it has zero impact on the outcome.”
      – and there’s most likely the reason why you don’t see high turn out at meetings. What’s the point. Many parents have probably been to a meeting or two and realized they could their point across just as well by staying home and telling it to their dog.


  2. Unfortunately J is right. DOE and politicians don’t actually care about kids…they just want everyone to think they do. Sad, but true. It’s a shame for Gateway. They have some really great people there that are trying to do what’s right for the kids.


  3. What are odyssey’s special conditions? Aren’t they the newest favorite charter child who is going to expand to a big campus and be the shining star for Markell to promote?