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Is Charter School of Wilmington play Hocus Pocus with school board minutes?

Sorry to say, Red Clay’s school board CSW’s authorizing and oversight agent goes back into coma. Kilroy thinks its time for changing of the Red Clay guards.  WTF ? Blackout on board minutes? And what part of required monthly financial reports doesn’t CSW understand? Well it looks like Kilroy is heading back to the Red Clay mountain for another bitch session.    

Board Agenda & Minutes 

Date Agenda Minutes
8/26/14 August 26 Agenda  
9/23/14 September 23 Agenda  
10/7/14 October 7 Agenda  
10/28/14 October 28 Agenda

Financial Reports 

Monthly Financial Reports – FY 2015

July Financial Report

August Financial Report

September Financial Report

Thinking Delaware Technical & Community College as college option

Delaware Technical & Community College FACT BOOK 2013 – 2014 Real good data in this current report well worth digesting.  

And back to that achievement gap ! See page 65; 67.14% / 1277 students of Delaware Tech’s graduates were white and 17.82% / 339 students were black.

Parents and students considering Delaware Teach read the data and pay attention to the jobs in relationship to field of student. Starts on page 77%! Might help you to decide what field of study you elect.

I urge parents of minority children to wake-up and see the truth re: data and be cautious of the Markell hype. Language and math skills are the foundation for success! Title 1 started out all about Reading and for a good reason! 

Delaware’s achievement gap doesn’t end at high school graduation.

Delaware College Success Reports class of 2012

The achievement gap between Delaware black and white students continues beyond high school graduation re: college remediation classes.

Graduating class 2012: Only 30% of Delaware African-American high school graduates enrolled in college compared to 41% white students. Overall only 39% of Delaware high school graduates enrolled in college.

73% of African-American students enrolled in college required remediation classes whereas 43% white students required remediation classes.

As far as the race for those world class jobs out in the global economy, you can bet the best jobs will go to the top 10% of college graduates re: achievement. The struggle for African-American students will continue into the college years.  

Sorry to folks, the race to close the achievement gap isn’t priority one and is secondary to supply the economy with top performing students. Do you honestly think companies like DuPont will hire every graduating chemist our colleges can pump out? From a global perspective companies like DuPont will be going after the top 1%.  One thing for sure, pretty much all college graduates will end up with college loan debt and those noting securing a job in their field of study will be paying college loan payments for the next 15-20 years. 

Reach Academy just might beat the odds in spite of CSN

I am digging through many pages of charter school review documentation re: Reach Academy for Girls. Vegas odds-makers are calling it in favor of Reach. And OMG if true I hope Reach bans The Charter Schools Network of Delaware for life! CSN didn’t hesitate to throw in the first shove full of dirt on the warm bodies.

The public comment period ends on December 10, 2014.  The State Board of Education will hold a meeting on December 18, 2014 in the 2nd floor Cabinet Room of the Townsend Building at 401 Federal Street, Dover DE, at which time the Secretary will announce his decision on the renewal application and, if required, the State Board will act on that decision

The Reach saga has been ongoing.

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