DE Sec of ED Murphy wants to raise the bar in school leadership but not in his own DOE house


Education:   Master’s degree preferred, preferably in Education and/or Education Policy


At least 5 years proven leadership experience as part of successful school turnaround efforts

Proven project manager experience in public, non-profit or private sectors

Work experience with collective bargaining units

Experience with vendor management, experience in the public sector preferred

Strong leadership experience in district or charter settings

Experience developing legislative recommendations and regulations desired

Experience and knowledge of grant management in the education arena desired

“Master’s Degree preferred”. Why not “required”? “Preferably” in education or education policy. WTF?  “Experience developing legislative recommendations and regulations desired”. More proof DE DOE supports reengineering public education to the liking of Rodel and Markell’s Wall Street crowd.

One thing for sure, Markell and Murphy will be gone after the 2016 elections and the other little pieces of shit DE DOE mice will scatter.

The Markell public school house of cards will fall and various legislators including want-to-be governor Lavelle will be pulled out on the carpet for doing nothing about Markell’s wrecking ball education policy! Lavelle jumped on the Markell education wagon by supporting H.B.# 344 and we won’t forget! Lavelle will have company is the pot boiling of shit! The Speaker of The House Pete Schwartzkopf covers Markell’s 6 by blocking real education transparency legislation and by being the legislative bully will be voted out of office.

I can only hope our newest state legislators take the lead to derail Markell’s reckless runaway education agenda! Folks I kid you not, when the DE DOE house of cards fall and the public realizes the mess Markell made it will take every bit of eight years to recover.  

Governor Markell is the worst governor on public education issues in Delaware’s history and perhaps the word overall governor.

As for the next governor Matt Denn or Tom Gordon (so far Denn has the lead) you must be a realist and see the corporate equation in public education reform leaning too far toward Wall Street. But more importantly, how decisions are made without meaningful public / parental input. Markell’s game is, get the policies and laws changed then comeback and pour the kool-aid with the help of the News Journal. I strongly suggest Matt and Tom start now in reviewing the issues and call for yes H.B.# 23 that enhances transparency and parental involvement at the school district , charter and votech levels. Strong local control is the way to go but with community empowerment via stronger transparency.  Don’t let the Publius of the world own you! 

5 responses to “DE Sec of ED Murphy wants to raise the bar in school leadership but not in his own DOE house

  1. That will be “turnaround leader” number 3, for those counting. A true clown show.


    • lastDEconservative

      Speaking of which, whatever happened to the one I dubbed most dangerous something or other, Rebecca Faber? Ever attentive to such sounds, I did not hear the click clack of her high heels at Blindness 20xx this year.


  2. I sure hope Markell and Murphy haven’t forgotten anything in this super quest of theirs. They wouldn’t leave any stones unturned, would they? I’m sure all the fact checks and data dives will support all this, right?


  3. Do you know anything about the petition re: Cooke Elementary being presented at Red Clay’s upcoming board meeting? Pandora at DL is looking for info.


  4. Steven Fackenthall

    They simply could have written, “bullshit artist” under skills.