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More Markell tactful code talking via News Journal re: school turnaround

Schools, families should keep improving by News Journal / Our View

The elaborate “turnaround” process set by the Race to the Top education program saw progress this week. Nine Delaware schools were taken off what amounts to a watch list.

As the governor’s remarks indicate, progress does not come from one party alone. Teachers and administrators have to do their part in finding ways to reach underachieving students. Likewise parents and, through them, students have an important role to play.

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As the Markell Priority School line-in-sand approaches he’s uses allies to bombard the community via media blitz and now milks the PZ school turnaround plan. But you know, you have to step way back to read between the lines.

My labor friends continues to complain about common core , smarter balance and priority schools blaming the invisible people called the “system”.

So it look like the PZ School Plan aka Race to The Top worked and credit must go to Markell’s brash mayoral type control. Markell’s plan worked and it surely must give school district leaders a black eye. Just perhaps site-base aka school control might be the answer and perhaps rather than taking over individual schools, DE DOE should takeover the entire school district and install more effective leaders. Problem might just be at the top and not the bottom.

Back to labor, we continue to hear all the pot and pan banging it’s not us and it’s the “system” as in outside reformist political agendas. Not once do they ever go for “Markell’s” failed leadership and self-centered education agenda that include all the Rodel clones. You’ll have to admit, it surely looks like the PZ school plan worked! Just maybe we might want to give Markell’s Priority Schools Plan a try even if it’s only one of the designated six Priority Schools. Markell at least deserves that as an award for his successful PZ schools.

On the flip-side of this rant, I must comment that Markell tends to take all the glory on things that do work and stays low on other issues like state closure of closure of charter school and direct comment on many of the controversial issues. He leaves Secretary of Education Murphy to be the punching-bag and fall guy (puppet).  It takes a good man to take the falls for the team and Murphy has that down to an art.

So the word is out via the News Journal, Race to The Top worked and the PZ School plan was a success aka proof in the pudding and just maybe it’s proof we don’t need charter schools!