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Delaware Governor Markell draws the line in the sand for Merv and Freeman re: Priority Schools

Markell: ‘Won’t hesitate’ on priority schools Matthew Albright, The News Journal

Gov. Jack Markell says he would prefer not to close the six so-called “priority schools” in the City of Wilmington, or give them to a charter or other outside manager. But he won’t hesitate to do so if the Red Clay and Christian school districts can’t work out an agreement with the Department of Education.

“We’re in conversations now with both districts, and I hope those conversations produce good results,” Markell said. “But if it doesn’t, I will be in a position where I have to make a choice, and I won’t hesitate to make it.”

Markell addressed the controversy over the state’s Priority Schools proposal in a speech during the Conference on Education, an event hosted by the Vision Coalition of Delaware, a group of education, nonprofit and business leaders seeking to create world-class schools in Delaware.  

You know, I was on the fence re: right thing to do! However, I urge both Red Clay and Christina’s school boards and union leaders to say no to any Priority Schools MOU.

I think at best the Rodel’s sideshow called DE DOE should put the cards on the table to help secure the MOU. If NOT firing all teachers and requiring them to reapply is nonnegotiable then Governor Markell needs to let us know! Why go through all the bullshit in an alternative plan where the districts ask teachers to sign commitments to adhere to school model DE DOE request if it’s nonnegotiable. As far as the $160,000.00 for the school leader of these schools, totally insane!  

Governor Markell know damn well DE DOE does not have the capacity to effectively takeover six traditional public schools or even let a charter organization operate those schools. Moyer Academy is prime example of failure on DE DOE’s part! DE DOE is far from being proactive and stuck in a rut of being reactive! Markell’s playing the dictator card shouldn’t tolerated.

Public school located in Wilmington need a long-term solution that will require condensing the four traditional school districts within into two within the next three year than one within the next five years. Also, the expansion of charter schools in the city of Wilmington needs to be done in a way as not to negatively impacting existing traditional and yes even existing charter schools located in the city

The Markell educational band-aid approach is more about keeping his bullshit smokescreen in place until he leaves office. And you can bet once he is gone he’ll boast about how tough he got with public school teachers and leaders. If these six Wilmington Red Clay and Christina school were taken over, would their be a unified school board representing all six? Wilmington community leaders (the ones who aren’t circling Markell on their $$$ knees) should demand to see Markell’s takeover plan in the event it may happen. Does he have such a plan? If not, why is he going into this blindly? 

Perhaps by saying no to little Napoleon Markell it’s a good thing that will force legislative action to set the foundation for a long overdue Wilmington school district and the return of Wilmington High School to it’s rightful owners. Where are the laws allowing the governor to reach into local school taxes via a takeover? Furthermore, such a move will set the stage to end referendums and place the burden of raising school taxes on the local legislators. 

DE DOE would have their hands full with legal issues such as existing school / building contacts with service vendors including utilities. Transportation issues, labor contracts and much more! Then there is the issues of securing local school tax revenues! Folks by time Markell figures-out all of the takeover process his ass will be out-of-office. Would he really drop this mess in the lap of Governor Matt Denn? ( face folks, Matt Denn wins in 2016! That’s a given)

Dear Mr. Matthews and you amazing public traditional school teachers who don’t pick and chose your students, I am telling you, you are at the crossroad of a point of no return and setting the stage for complete corporate takeover of our public school system. You said, to the no strike clause presented under Governor DuPont for guaranteed due process and now that guarantee is null and void under a Priority Schools MOU presented by Markell. Governor Markell claims he is showing courage for his stance and I urge you to do the same! However, Markell may say yes to a district rebuttal whereas all teachers won’t be fired not even one! Hopefully he does! However, yes I know victory for his plan re: his MOU or a takeover of these schools would mean honest good effective teachers will lose their jobs. But is will cause a major political backlash that most-likely require legislative intervention! The new generation of teachers are emerging as the baby-boomer era teachers retire. Union leaders and members have to make a tough choice in rolling the dice! This Washington inspired Trojan Horse full of Wall Street Ponzi schemes most be stopped at the gates of Red Clay and Christina! Governor Markell is an enabler in this political dance and blaming the “system” for the damaged caused by him is disheartening. Standing up to Markell now will shake the political core of Delaware and have current legislators and want-to-be legislators scrambling for cover.      

Governor Markell isn’t fool enough to push the red-button that will cause major damage to the Delaware Demarcate rule! Or is he? I hope our state legislators demand Markell’s blueprint for taking-over these sex schools including financial impact before Markell pushed the red-button. Also, I think we’re at the defining moment in seeing what kind of leaders Freeman and Merv really are! They need to fire-back in the media in response to Markell’s political cat and mouse game using the bias media to his advantage. But as you can see, Merv hides behind his PIO. Folks public traditional education is at war and we need warriors and courage to say no to the likes of Markell carrying the Rodel education plan in his $$$ back pocket! As far as the other labor / trades in Delaware, you’re next as the foundation for ending prevailing wages are in the cross-hairs with the next wave of corporate takeover agents hide in the trenches!  Breaking the backs of the teachers union the most powerful labor union in the state and country is the first stepping stone to ending prevailing wages. FYI Jack Markell is a member of the Delaware Political Star Chamber and you can bet your ass he is thicker than thieves with Pete and re-Pete.               

For Mr. Matthews ; TFA and KIPP tag-team for public school takeover

This Is What Happens When You Criticize Teach for America The Nation; George Joseph on October 29, 2014 – 7:45AM ET

Last year, Wendy Heller Chovnick, a former Teach For America manager, spoke out against her former organization in The Washington Post, decrying its “inability and unwillingness to honestly address valid criticism.” In recent years, such criticism has centered on Teach For America’s intimate involvement in the education privatization movement and its five-week training, two-year teaching model, which critics claim offers recruits a transformative résumé-boosting experience but burdens schools with disruptive turnover cycles.

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In case you didn’t know, CEO of Teach for America is Wendy Kopp is married to Richard Barth CEO of KIPP