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Exceptional Delaware 2018

I received the below information today, and it is very disturbing.  From what I have heard at various DOE Board Of Education meetings the past few months and what I read about with the Rodel Vision ED25 “Performance Learning” after their conference the other day, I am convinced more than ever that Rodel is just assuming they can do whatever they want because Governor Jack Markell is going to let them.  This is the final straw, and I will be taking a very strong stand against this invasion.  EVERY SINGLE DELAWARE PARENT NEEDS TO AS WELL! 

The below are draft strategies Rodel and their ED25 Committee have formulated in regards to their personalized learning idea that 2Revolutions would be implementing if this goes ahead:

Increase student and parent ownership over learning experiences by creating individual student learning plans that track mastery-based progress from birth to career and clearly articulate skills…

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  1. lastDEconservative

    Behold, you observe and comment on but the tiniest tip of a Titanic class iceberg about to finish off what’s left of the free society America once was. Much as was the case in the north Atlantic that fateful night, what lifeboats there are will be underutilized, populated by the insiders and destroyers. One more generation will complete the task.

    You’re quite a bit late to the game, sir, but welcome to the fourth quarter festivities. This has been going on since Vision Conference I, somewhat subtly, and by Vision VII last week, even I, seasoned attendee, was stunned by the blatancy of the advertisement of the impending doom, masked though it was in eduspeak and flowery utopian promises, and promoted via the latest “Look! Fire!” language of profound discovery by virtue of the application of unimaginably superior intellect to the ills of society.

    Like the ol’ fella says, “you ain’t seen nothing yet.” Dig deeper, it’s much worse than you imagine now.

    Good luck turning the ship. I can count on one hand the number of “outsiders” paying attention to (and discerning) what the destroyers are doing, while legions of the dozing bob their heads and follow the trail to the slaughterhouse. Notice that our host has not bothered ginning up the Rodel/Vision/2025 discussion (excepting today’s notice of your footnote therefrom). Sigh. If “birth to career,” which is not a new concept from this lot by any means, doesn’t wake people up (as maybe it has you) now (it hasn’t this past couple of years), then prithee, what will?