Murphy goes on the offensive via First Person to purse state takeover of Red Clay and Christina school boards

This is all bullshit! When is someone going to tell the local taxpayer they’ll back-fill this Trojan Horse with local tax-dollars?

Murphy has some nerve to go on the offensive to undermine Red Clay and Christina’s school board! You hear his tone about replacing teachers.

The time is now to shutdown this wrongheaded Markell education circus! It’s also time for Delaware legislators to step up and demand the removal on this Rodel clone.

Mr. Matthews, stand-your-ground and turn this state upside-down! Don’t agree to anything that allows Murphy to have a hand in day to day school operations! Don’t let Merv roll you under the bus! We’re not going to hear “we have no choice bullshit”. You have a choice so stand-your-ground.

As for Red Clay school board members, if you agree to allow DE DOE any say-so in daily operations you have failed as “elected public officials”.  This is not about the kids as it’s about Markell legacy whereas in two years he’ll be gone and you have to cleanup his pile of shit called the Delaware Department of Education.


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  1. Mike Matthews

    Why can’t he get his story straight? In this interview he says absolutely these are the “six lowest performing schools.” However, in the WDDE interview last week, he said they are “among the six lowest performing schools.”

    This bullshit continues to unravel at a momentous pace.

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    • kilroysdelaware

      Dude I am telling you, this issue is comparable to giving up the right to strike where promises aren’t being kept! Wasn’t due process part of that no strike agreement! The reason NCLB is being reauthorized is to manipulate it via NCLB Wavier to help dismantle traditional public schools. There is no way DE DOE can takeover six schools at once! There is no compromise to Markell’s deception! And I listed to the Red Clay board meeting recording. Nice game of good-cop back-cop with #1 and #2 admins.

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  2. He can say whatever he wants because he’s hidden behind the camera and no one is going to question him.

    Plus, he’s a gym teacher. They cant remember anything. how many times did your gym teacher make you do 20 push up and after you finished them they said “I said 25!”


  3. I still stand by my words of Tuesday night: Murphy is disrespectful toward teachers and has an utter disregard for the work they do. I say no more “Principal for a Day, ” let’s bring this guy to any city school, hand him a lesson plan set for the day, and wave good-bye and see what sort of stunning turnaround he begins to put into effect. Yesterday he was ready to collaborate and today he’s saying that only he knows and understands the problems and knows the secret fixes. Awful…..

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    • Can someone express what they believe should be done to improve these schools.


    • Jack, the teachers who spoke at Tuesday’s board meeting were clear about what is needed: a state funding formula that acknowledges the significant challenges of high-poverty schools and adjusts funding flow accordingly. The “priority” schools (over 90% poverty, very high spec needs %) need class size caps of 15 or so, yet sometimes they rise to over thirty. They need to access additional funds when student populations balloon during the school year, as happens with transient populations. Their circumstances are very different from those of a middle-class suburban school or a selective charter, yet state funding is not adjusted to address this reality. That’s the core problem.

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  4. Greg MAZZOTTA

    Here’s the link to the 2014 National Quality Education Conference

    Last year, we welcomed nearly thirty states and six countries!

    Delaware education leaders are welcome.


  5. Greg MAZZOTTA

    Jack, the issue of school transformation can be seen in Delaware, where Milford schools was awarded the Lt. Gov’s. (Carney) Models of Excellence Award with the Plan-Do-Study-Act methodology.

    This process is the soundtrack for performance excellence and is
    being deployed state-wide in MD, MI, TX, and soon to be WI.

    Education leaders are learning that a systems approach is required
    as demonstrated in the wisdom of Dr. Deming since writing “Out of Chaos” in 1984.

    As a representative of the ASQ/Baldrige/Carnegie Foundation for Teaching, I remain eager to provide insight, tools, and support for
    continuous improvement and sustainability.

    The last recipient of our quality award was New Castle Vo-Tech
    in 1994. Please know remains viable option to Priority Schools.


  6. Mike Matthews

    Jesus Christ, Greg. Do you get a $0.10 royalty every time you drop the Baldrige name in these comments? You are absolutely over the edge and in spam territory.

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    • Publius e decere

      Got to agree 100% with Mike on his observation.


    • Greg MAZZOTTA

      No royalty received, Mike. Don’t shoot; I’m just a bit of a historian
      for quality education as my affiliation goes back to 1993 with the
      DE Quality Award Program.

      Leaders need not point fingers, especially to professional allies.

      When your teachers visit Montgomery Cty Schools to observe
      collaboration, they may be missing the playbook in order to better
      understand the dynamics, perspective, and (quality) tools being

      Red Clay and Christina began using the Baldrige framework with
      Christina actively pursuing this initiative targeted for 2007. You
      might want to talk with Brenda Phillips and John Mackensie for
      more information.

      No, not over the edge, simply have a different perspective having
      seen the powerful transformations that are possible.
      Glad to share these profiles with you should you like to
      refresh in 2015, its not too late.

      FYI, the state quality award program is the on-ramp for beginning
      the journey due to a rules change.


  7. What should be done for these schools is exactly what Christina School Board decided to do: Form a task force of ALL stakeholders, including DOE, and formulate a plan together. Let’s not mistake substituting a different plan for not wanting to implement a plan at all.

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  8. Red Clay has not even chosen an approach. Christina passed the resolution at their board meeting this week. Red Clay has not yet had a board meeting at which to entertain a motion addressing this issue.


    • Jack, Christina’s resolution was to ignore the MOU as it was written. They want to involve a true collaboration with true stakeholders. I was at their board meeting, and it was amazing!


    • Publius e decere

      Doesn’t the “amazing” exclamation get overused in DE ed?

      Publius the hunter


    • Your right Publius. Here’s another word: It was exceptional!


    • Publius e decere

      That’s more like it. I agree.


    • Nonconformer

      This joker (and all the other charlatans of his ilk) picks schools that all CHOOSE their populations to parade as successes. Let any TPS choose it’s population and I’m pretty certain you will see its scores on a random, invalid metric increase.

      Real simple: get rid of the clientele that you don’t want results for and tout that “the school is on the path to success”, and “we have great things happening here.”

      I agree with Kilroy. I call BULLSHIT!!!

      If teachers are the main reason for success, we have got to get the Wilmington charter entire staff into these “failing” schools to turn them around. Hey, the model works for that , right? MOYER needs Wilmington Charter staff to spread/share their successful model as was touted in the charter school law at its inception. (rolling my eyes, shaking my head, wink, wink).

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    • GENIUS. You just gave me the topic for my next blog post.


    • Can’t wait to read that one Jax!