Exceptional Children Group at Delaware DOE: What Do They Spend Money On? And What Company is BUYING Special Education Data? #netde #eduDE #edchat @ed_in_de @KilroysDelaware

Exceptional Delaware

Being a blogger geek that checks finances for everything, I always get excited when Delaware Online Checkbook updates their website.  It used to be quarterly, but now they do it monthly.  Around the 15th of the month, I get to see where the money is going at the DOE and what the schools are spending money on.  I can usually find some interesting items, as well as some ones that raise my eyebrows.  The amounts below are just for the month of July, the first of the new fiscal year.

The first thing I look for is the residential treatment centers.  Especially the out of state ones the ICT group sends severely complex special needs kids to, because our state doesn’t have the resources (see Delaware DOE: Eye of the Hurricane Part 3).

Advoserv (in Delaware): $407,198.34

Benedictine (in Maryland): $79,200.56

Devereux (in Pennsylvania): $463,743.12

High Road School: $329,669.00


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4 responses to “Exceptional Children Group at Delaware DOE: What Do They Spend Money On? And What Company is BUYING Special Education Data? #netde #eduDE #edchat @ed_in_de @KilroysDelaware

  1. Give me a break

    Kilroy a bigger issue than the cost of this is that Delaware (illegally I believe) do not offer this level of service in state and here is the dirty little secret…. Dozens of Delaware kids are not offered this level of service even if they need it. Parents are frustrated with the service the kid is getting but this level of service is NEVER placed on the table because if the school personnel suggests it then the district has to pay for it… So everybody shuts up, meanwhile the kid is I appropriately place in a traditional school where his emotional and academic needs are not met increasing his/her frustration…


  2. This is a heart wrenching decision for any family to have to go through. I wouldn’t want that burden placed on a school district. I don’t even agree with the out of state placements at all. A child should stay in state for these types of services.


    • Give me a break

      As I say… It is yet another flaw with our state DOE. Special education is a continuum of services and DOE doesn’t offer the full continuum…


    • Let’s be factual here: By law DOE nor any school beneath it, can deny a student an appropriate placement if the placement does not exist in their continuum. The question become: How do we create the niche that the continuum lacks? The easy and frankly expensive answer to this particularly lacking niche has been to send these children out-of-state. That response has never been acceptable to me. But, it’s not my child I am fighting for and I can’t pretend to really understand the dynamic that’s in place when a parent accepts an out-of-state placement. Some day, it might be my child, we have a diagnosis that lends itself to such intense placement, but until then, I can only advocate to our legislators that with proper insight and oversight, these placements can and should be made to occur here in our state.

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