Exceptional Delaware bitch-slaps DE Department of Ed with brass-knuckles! OUCH!!!

Delaware DOE: The Eye of the Hurricane in Special Education #netde #edude @del_gov @DEStateBoardEd @usedgov by Exceptional Delaware / Jon’s Loving Father

The Exceptional Children department DOES NOT audit an IEP that is declined. Let me repeat this, They do not audit declined IEPs. I would think this would be an area of gravest concern for IEPs. For the DOE not to monitor a declined IEP, I would assume they believe that all special education teachers, school psychologists, administrators, therapists, school nurses, and parents know exactly what they are doing. According to Mieczkowski, if the parents sign the paperwork this is sufficient. But it isn’t. Far too many parents and special needs students have been a victim of IEP declines that should have been approved. 

OUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“anywhere from 1800 to 4500 students had IEPs that were not compliant” 

OUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And after that report, the Exceptional Children Group decided to raise the amount of years that schools are audited from a 3 year cycle to a 5 year cycle.  There is no notice of this change on the DOE website because it still shows a three year cycle.  Delaware has been rated as needs assistance for special education by OSEP in 2013, 2011, 2009, and 2007 and in 2014, they were rated as needs intervention.  This means Delaware has received bad marks from OSEP for 5 out of the past 8 years.  They have corrected past mistakes, but it seems new ones are created every couple years.  But for two years in a row they have missed the mark.

OUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Folks our schools fail and children suffer because of adults including parents. Jon’s Loving Father is an asset to parents of special needs children. As you see with a federal audit of Delaware Special ED services, Special Ed children is sub-par and it’s so ironic Delaware Governor Jack Markell’s political Delaware Department of Education puppets cry foul, unfair USDOE intrusion in local control.

I swear, trusting DE DOE with your child’s education future is like letting them go to the circus with Jeffrey Dahmer. The Delaware Department of Education is a MESS! Damn, look all the assistants to the Secretary of Education resigning! Those bailing on DE DOE aren’t going to go public because it would negatively impact their careers in education.

Legislators like Rep Debbie Hudson and Rep Valerie Longhurst are a disservice to all parents of public school children. They block real tangible transparency of our schools. Hudson and Longhurst block pending legislation that will allow the public and elected leaders to “hear” public comments at school board meetings rather than see a small footnote on school board minutes. Just think each time Jon’s Loving Father spoke at his child’s school’s board meeting the board minutes just reflected his name and not the contents of his concerns in details. If legislators don’t have the will to stand with parents, the parents shouldn’t stand with them on election day. People like Hudson and Longhurst need to be voted out of office and those running against them need to pay attention and understand real tangible transparency is needed.

The Delaware Department is imploding and those legislators who voted for H.B.334 are a disservice to all students and parents. Sen Lavelle’s flip-flop vote was clear indication our legislators don’t get it!

6 responses to “Exceptional Delaware bitch-slaps DE Department of Ed with brass-knuckles! OUCH!!!

  1. Publius e decere

    As is par for this putt-putt course, Kilroy reduces the problems in DE to HB23 of the 147st General Assembly (the bill and the assembly are now expired). Then he blames Deborah Hudson for failure to back the bill.

    Deborah Hudson was the SPONSOR of the bill. So is Kilroy saying that Hudson sponsored a bill and then sought to tank her own bill? Really?

    On most putt-putt courses there is a clown at the end of the journey.

    Cheers, and Happy Summer!



    • kilroysdelaware

      You’re clueless the origins of H.B.#23 and the lobbying it took to get bipartisan support. Hudson got cold feet to advance her own legislation and blamed Sen. Peterson when asked why it was still on the ready list after clearing house ed committee. Someone had to say, Mcfly Hudson you’re the sponsor of the H.B. that Peterson was cosponsor! Then there was Longhurst with her shit holding H.B.#23 political hostage! Hudson sold out because the charter crowd doesn’t want their public session of board meetings recorded! You know, a bunch of low life corporate snakes on those boards!

      Hudson’s political time has come and time for her to get a real job! And as you know she was a founding member of Pencader’s board of directors.


    • Pencader closed.


    • Publius e decere

      Deborah is responsive to her district. No risk on reelection. Her district sees things as they are, not as they are blogged 🙂


  2. Publius e decere

    I heard that snakes taste like chicken.

    Bottom line is that Hudson sponsored the bill and Schwartz-whoever tanked it in the drawer. Or drawers.

    Charters probably don’t mind recordings. They probably mind the punitive nature of the amendments. But what do I know, as a Kilroy Kommentor. Blog-commenting with dogs …


    • Publius, there is nothing “punitive” about the amendments. Mailing a transcript to a hearing impaired person or keeping it on your website for a year is not punitive. Why would the charters mind that? I’m sure they can scrape the funds together in some way to put a stamp on an envelope. Executive sessions wouldn’t be recorded, so all their dirtiest of laundry wouldn’t get out. It’s a matter of transparency, and it needs to become law!