Beware Delaware SCR #63 Trojan Horse attacking parents rights re: IEP

147th General Assembly
Senate Concurrent Resolution # 63 w/SA 1

Primary Sponsor:


Additional Sponsor(s):    Sen. Poore & Rep. M. Smith & Rep. Ramone


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Introduced on :


Long Title:


Synopsis of Orginal Bill:

(without Amendments)

This concurrent resolution creates an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Task Force. 

The student IEP process is driven by federal law under IDEA and protected by federal law. There is enough information to make the responsibilities of schools and parents quite clear. 

Another Sokola task force isn’t going to address the fact that parents are manipulated in agreeing what’s best for their child. Red Clay is bent on getting their way with their inclusion plan that “must” be an acceptable part of the “IEP”. Sokola and Mike Ramone were a no show in their own school district (Red Clay) when parents were crying for help! Rep Kim Williams and Sen Karen Peterson were actively engage and “helped” parents beat back this injustice.

Odds are Sokola and Ramone won’t post task force meetings date and for sure won’t post timely meeting minutes. Hey Sokola and Ramone get with Matt Denn and use the model he uses for the Workers’a Compensation Task Force  with detailed meeting minute and “audio recordings”.

No matter what, at the end of the day Federal Law trumps State Law in regards to the IEP and let’s not forget Sokola and Ramone both voted YES on H.B.#334. Parents don’t trust these two! They could come out to support parents of special ed students in their own school district! Hey Ramone what’s the deal with the political dance? Trying to secure that tenant? 😉 I can’t believe you are helping hold open the gates of Delaware for further federal intrusion re: H.B.#334.    

4 responses to “Beware Delaware SCR #63 Trojan Horse attacking parents rights re: IEP

  1. This is why I fought so hard to get outside parent reps on the task force. Parents who aren’t involved in the schools, government, or organizations sponsored by the schools or gov. (i.e. GACEC, Del PTA, etc.). From what I have heard, from multiple sources, it was actually Denn who got the ball rolling on this and who drafted the SCR (along w/Sokola). They did agree to add the parents to the task force. I heard some nut dad down in Dover was having parents “email bomb” legislative hall last Thursday to make sure!


    • kilroysdelaware

      Jon, the best task force needs to be a grassroots movement of parents of special needs children organizing as one voice. I am not a parent of a special needs child but from what I’ve heard through those who are is, they feel pressured and dominated during the IEP meetings by the so called district experts. How many members on the IEP are not paid by the state via contractual service with the school? Jack has a point about legal advice. Sokola and Ramone failed to engage their own school district “Red Clay” as Rep Kim Williams and Senator Peterson did. Because of Williams and Peterson not the state PTA Red Clay backed down and called for a “task force” aka committee of their own to give parent a seat at the table in regards to the district’s desire to go with district-wide inclusion plan.

      Because of parents like you willing to share experiences other parents become educated about their rights and gain the courage to stand-up and fight.

      The law is clear on the rights of parent and that the parent is part of the IEP team and the parents have the greatest voice.

      Special Ed parents need a non partisan public funded liaison as Jack commented. That person have to be a law but have the resources of lawyers. I honestly hope anyone reading this who is or will be part of this task force will call for a state funded non political partisan state funded liaison to serve parents of special needs children in the way of legal advice as it relates to interpretation of federal law such as IDEA and relevant state law. I feel this position should be an extension of the Delaware Attorney General office.


  2. Parents should demand public funding for legal advice.


    • Jack, I completely agree with that. The only problem is this: how many special education attorneys are there in Delaware that aren’t currently involved in cases which could cause a conflict on interest? Not too many!