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Beware Delaware SCR #63 Trojan Horse attacking parents rights re: IEP

147th General Assembly
Senate Concurrent Resolution # 63 w/SA 1

Primary Sponsor:


Additional Sponsor(s):    Sen. Poore & Rep. M. Smith & Rep. Ramone


{ NONE…}

Introduced on :


Long Title:


Synopsis of Orginal Bill:

(without Amendments)

This concurrent resolution creates an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Task Force. 

The student IEP process is driven by federal law under IDEA and protected by federal law. There is enough information to make the responsibilities of schools and parents quite clear. 

Another Sokola task force isn’t going to address the fact that parents are manipulated in agreeing what’s best for their child. Red Clay is bent on getting their way with their inclusion plan that “must” be an acceptable part of the “IEP”. Sokola and Mike Ramone were a no show in their own school district (Red Clay) when parents were crying for help! Rep Kim Williams and Sen Karen Peterson were actively engage and “helped” parents beat back this injustice.

Odds are Sokola and Ramone won’t post task force meetings date and for sure won’t post timely meeting minutes. Hey Sokola and Ramone get with Matt Denn and use the model he uses for the Workers’a Compensation Task Force  with detailed meeting minute and “audio recordings”.

No matter what, at the end of the day Federal Law trumps State Law in regards to the IEP and let’s not forget Sokola and Ramone both voted YES on H.B.#334. Parents don’t trust these two! They could come out to support parents of special ed students in their own school district! Hey Ramone what’s the deal with the political dance? Trying to secure that tenant? 😉 I can’t believe you are helping hold open the gates of Delaware for further federal intrusion re: H.B.#334.    

Got a skeeter on my Peter re: Pete Schwartzkopf

Casino aid debate reaches final day Jon Offredo, The News Journal

“Nothing is a slam dunk in that committee, but I think it will be released,” said House Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf.

The bill has already passed the Senate and deserves to have a date on the floor, he added.

What about H.B.#23 Pete ?

Mar 31, 2014 – Reported Out of Committee (APPROPRIATIONS) in House with 5 On Its Merits
Jun 11, 2013 – Amendment HA 2 – Introduced and Placed With Bill
Jun 04, 2013 – Assigned to Appropriations Committee in House
Mar 27, 2013 – Reported Out of Committee (EDUCATION) in House with 6 Favorable, 4 On Its Merits
Mar 27, 2013 – Amendment HA 1 – Introduced and Placed With Bill
Jan 23, 2013 – Introduced and Assigned to Education Committee in House

Schwarzkopf cries when games are being play with legislation impacting “his” pals at the casinos! But it’s OK to block real transparency laws for public schools. Not good Pete! Just another reason to vote Rep Longhurst over of office.

Others on the committee are sponsors of the bill, including House Minority Leader Daniel Short, a Seaford Republican. The bills are not bailout bills, but a tax reduction that allows the casinos time try to regain financial footing, he said.

Yep and Rep Short voted yes on H.B.#334! So much for his credibility. Rep Short let’s just call your casino plan a backdoor bailout.