Now who wants to tell sleeping Delaware parents there’s a new test next year? #netde #edude @stateboarded @dedeptofed @ed_in_de

Let’s face it parents can tend to be out of touch with major changes. Perhaps they are too busy being parents, a good thing.

Like clockwork when the reality sets in many parents will say, “why didn’t anyone tell us” or “why are we the last to know”? 

Well one thing for sure, the “system” has a face and many are stamped with the YES vote for H.B.#334.

Since the feds says the Smarter Balanced Assessment was hatched by the states it’s not a federally mandated test. The wind has been knock out of the sails of NCLB and Title 1 Section 1118 has been used as a doormat disregarding the requirements of Title 1 programming changes where parents are to be consulted.

B-2.     Must an SEA consult with parents in the development of the State plan?

An SEA must consult with parents, along with others, such as LEAs, in developing its State plan. [Section 1111(a)(1), ESEA.]

B-3.     What responsibility does an SEA have with respect to the parental involvement provisions in local plans?

An SEA must review each LEA’s plan to determine if the LEA’s parental involvement activities meet the requirements of section 1118.  [Section 1112(e)(3), ESEA.]

Assessment is a critical component of Title 1 and it is “fact” Title 1 parents were not consulted prior to Delaware’s Race to The Top MOU, Common Core Standards and The Smarter Balanced Assessment. Also, the Delaware State Parent Advisory Council (DSPAC) sits around with their heads up their asses! This group was rooted back in the William Hicks Anderson days and had teeth. DE DOE manipulated DSPAC bylaws and water them down. Notice the “A” stands for “Advisory”. Take a look at their new purpose ! NO VOICE! And here is their FaceBook! Last entry was May 16, 2012 and only 69 likes.

The mission of the Delaware State Parent Advisory Council (DSPAC) is to develop a climate of understanding and cooperation, which fosters a positive working relationship between local school districts, individual schools, students, families and community members. We do this by improving awareness, promoting an exchange of information, providing training and technical assistance, and supporting and advising state efforts related to parental engagement.

Has anyone notice not one legislative enacted committee relating to education included a members of the DSPAC? And O yea, Kilroy was part of this groups years ago and was very vocal and exposed the fact that Red Clay (before Merv and current administrators) rubber stamped parents names on the Consolidated Grant Application without those parents knowledge. The there was the report to USDOE OIG that forced Red Clay to payback some misappropriated funds (again before Merv and current administrators).

Delaware DOE doesn’t even list who the DSPAC members are! This group is to be the link between DE DOE and school level parents via PTA and other related district / school committees. Where are the minutes for these DSPAC meetings Rep Hudson?

Good people of the blogosphere Kilroy has been involved in many school level, district level and state committees including DSPAC. I particapted in a few conventions for the National Coalition of Title 1 / Chapter 1 Parents and did once take the stage at national conference with my sermon. I am not a person just throwing stones at the system! I refused to drink the Kool-aid! Mike Matthews was only 13 back in 1995 when I became engaged in this shit! Then when he got older he became delivery-boy running sandwiches over to Priscilla at GOP headquarters. And boy did he have the hots for her :).   


This is no Photoshop picture! The lady speaking is Delaware’s first Secretary of Education Iris Metts. At the time I was a member of the DSPAC and Chairperson of Red Clay’s Title 1 Parent Advisory Council! And believe me, we gave advice and had voice! As the consolidated grant application process evolved and the Title 1 parent groups were folded into a groups representative all grant components, not just Title 1. There was an agenda to beat-back the voices of civil rights which in Title 1’s case was William Hicks Anderson’s disciples left behind when he departed this Earth . Folks, there were aggressive parents back then that knew the law. I am far far from being an expert but I can tell you this, “many” Delaware legislators are clueless of the fabrics of federal law and what parents had to endure to ensure their voices were heard. Senate Lavelle sold his vote for some political favor! You can bet on that! Rep Hudson was exposed and isn’t the champion for transparency she claims to be!  

Sure, I tend to be over the top however, that’s because the system tried to keep me quiet and at the bottom. There are many parents roped into being team-payers with offers of jobs and memberships on prestigious groups. Me, I refuse to drink the Kool-Aid and heard all the crap about let’s work together and let’s build up not tear-down. The system including Markell and Rodel is good at keeping parent chasing their tails. But something the dogs wake-up and bite. Hate me all you want but I don’t let the fact I have a GED and a pocketful of college credits hold me back from speaking out! 

So now with The Smarter Balanced Assessment another parent group will be giving a $$ grant to educate parents on this new save the world assessment.

My guess is. enough is enough and a grassroots test opt-out movement will emerge.  Also, there will be a shakeup in Dover re: legislators! We have the voting records and know which legislators held the door for the federal intervention. Markell will tell you next year’s student assessments scores will not be so good and call it an adjustment period / growing pains! Markell will be out of office after 2016 election and so will Obama! In comes a new administration with another save the world education reform plan! Look at Rodel !! What are they at ? Vision 2025. Just keep kicking the can down the road. I am not sure if Governor Beau Biden will continue letting Rodel use DE DOE as their sandbox. 

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  1. This parent helped to get parents admitted to be on the IEP Taskforce stemming out of SCR 63. It took a lot of work, but the job got done. Parents really need to do more in this state if they want to see more change. Us bloggers can’t do all the hard work! LOL!


    • I’m looking forward to seeing the minutes posted online.


    • Baumbach told me the meetings will be public, so I would recommend any special needs parent comes. I’m very interested in who is going the chair the task force, and which senators and house reps will be on it.


    • Mike Matthews

      Kilroy — Could you keep us up to date on these on SCR 63 meetings and when they are? I’m very interested, but often I don’t pay attention to such things. I always read your site, though!


  2. Parent need to have a state group.


  3. There is saying in legislative hall which was originally attributed to FDR that, spoken from the politician’s reference point says something like this:… ” if you want me to do something, make me…”

    To some it first sounds like a cop out. But as you explore it, it is rather profound… It simply means that in a Democratic society ones’ politician is sort of beholden to the will of the majority…. So if you want something done, convince a majority of people it needs done and it will inevitably happen…

    Most movements take 10 years… Gay marriage is a case in point,… Registering guns which I predict will happen in about 8 more years, is another case in point… This movement is just getting started now…

    The next step is for advocates to bring it up in every public forum possible to mainstream the alarm, …. Primarily announcing that something good was gotten rid of, and replaced with a cheap knock-off, because someone in the decision chair wasn’t getting enough money off the quality item….

    Yep, that is it….


  4. Yep, parents are in the dark and have no idea that Smarter Balance is coming. My daughter was in one of the pilot schools that took the test. I found out about this when she came home and told me.

    On the brighter side, once the test scores are released next year expect a massive parent freak out. The test, with its many, many flaws, is its own worst enemy.


  5. Come now, none of you really believe the DCAS or SBA are designed to succeed do you? Vision 2025 is a bad joke meant to project authority with little functionality. RTTT funded a plethora of administrators and aides but it required every school and administrator to sell their soul. DSEA, DOE, and the Governor, all stiff armed every administrator into capitulation but they all knew it would be ineffective. That’s why they didn’t fight it. They designed it so it would bring some money in but it’s ultimate results would be unaccountable to anybody.

    Smirk all you want but Cloward – Piven predicted the behaviors and we are witness to how it works.