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Support for Common Core Plummets with Parents of School-Aged Kids Filed in Common Core State Standards by  on June 26, 2014

They found that just 34% of adults with children in elementary or secondary school favor all schools nationwide to meet the Common Core State Standards.  That is a drop of 18% since early November 2013.  47% opposed the Common Core, and 19% are undecided.

54% believe the Common Core is unlikely to improve student performance, only 37% believe they will do what advocates promise.

Among all Americans Rasmussen notes 41% favor the the Common Core with 36% of Americans being opposed.  23% are undecided.  44% of all Americans believe Common Core will not improve student performance.

Also of interest 54% of all Americans believe schools place too much emphasis on standardized testing.  Just 24% believe student scores on standardized tests should be a major factor in determining how well a school is doing.

Only 23% of Americans believe the Feds should set education standards for schools.  Rasmussen reports that it up from 18% in November.  39% believe the state should with 27% saying local governments should.  The state number is higher than the last time this was polled, and the local government response dropped seven points.

Folks let’s not forget Reps Hudson (R), Miro (R),  Ramone (R), Blakely (R), Dukes (R), Gray (R), Kenton (R), Outten (R), D Short (R), Smyk (R), Spiegelman (R) and Wilson (R) all support Common Core Standards and The Smarter Balanced Assessment, all voting YES for Delaware H.B. 334. Of the 9 NO votes they all were cast by Democrats!

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