Dave Anderson calls out Senator Lavelle! Re: the yes vote that jammed one in the backs of parents and students

HB 334 Fails 8 to 13–OOPS Vote again–It Passes 12 to 9. Common Core Testing Is on the Way to Being the law DelawarePolitics.net

Junes 26, 2014 by David Anderson

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The General Assembly had a chance to put the breaks on the state board and make them obey the law.  Instead, it allowed the administration to make them pawns of the DOE instead of the legislators being the leaders that they were elected to be.

It is not over yet, call, email, and FB the Senators.  Tell them to go back to their original votes or we may vote against them before we vote for them, except only our first vote counts in the voting booth.

If they do not listen to us, we need to make this a rallying cry this election cycle. This issue could be the one that makes a dent in one party rule. 1 seat takes away the super majority in either house.  3 seats flips the Senate. Venables and Townsend voted right, except for Lavelle every Republican voted right. They need to hear from us. Some of them are not up this year, we have two years to prepare.

Dave state legislators need to wake-up and understand many of us read proposed legislation and watched the votes! Senator Greg Lavelle got caught with his pants down bending over for Jack Markell! He has no clue as to the damaged he caused public education in Delaware and indeed his support for H.B.#334 will negatively impact all schools including charters.

What many don’t know DCAS contract with AIR ends June 30, 2014! Delaware state legislators in the dark Posted on  by kilroysdelaware and DE DOE told AIR they aren’t renewing before state legislators approved dumping DCAS. Hush hush talk it would cost DE DOE millions to realign DCAS after spending millions on The Smarter Balanced. So parents, students and taxpayers get screwed and Lavelle gets an 8×10 of Markell. Then there is Hudson bailing on H.B.#23 and damn and Miro a no show at Red Clay for the ELL re: inclusion plan. What the F next? Copeland getting an Obama appointment?

So much for keeping Washington out of local control re: public education. 

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  1. Dave Anderson should be mayor of Dover. At least their kids would be safe.