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The legislative actions of Delaware State Senator Greg Lavelle and Delaware State Legislator Debbie Hudson does have a silver-lining! I think these two have helped the Delaware Republican Party hit rock-bottom and with their fearless leader borrowing money from family to keep his charter school afloat the only direction for GOP is up! Folks something has to give to end this Delaware Republican / Democrat joint effort to reform Delaware’s public schools via a political / Wall Street ponzi scheme.

To be blunt, what happened this year equates to nothing more than Delaware State Senator Greg Lavell dropping to his knees in front of Governor Markell and Delaware State Representative Debbie Hudson pulling Governor’s Markell zipper down and Chairman of the DE GOP Copeland yelling, go ahead Greg close your eye and do it for the team.

The Delaware Republican Party stood-by for the last 6 years as Governor Markell took it upon himself to sign Delaware up for Race to The Top, Common Core Standards and The Smarter Balanced Assessment. The GOP is all big on keeping Washington out of our lives. But when it comes to the joint ventures of Delaware charter schools it doesn’t matter how overreaching Washington is and one thing for sure is the lives of parents and students don’t matter. Yea yea, Publius we know, charter schools are a gift to the people! But from what I see, charter schools have become a goldmine for prominent lawyers who helped sow the charter school seeds. Damn, even the blond hair flower boy tried to cash in! Lavelle’s flip-flop vote on House Bill #334 wasn’t based on rationale thinking for the sake of parents and students. You can bet that “yes” vote was Lavelle’s golden ticket to be cashed in next year. He’ll wipe his mouth and swallow his pride and dance around GOP Headquarters with golden ticket in hand! Greg, Confucius say, “man who go to bed with itchy butt wakes up with stinky finger.” Take a whiff Greg!

The Greenville crowd might be in love with Debbie Downer Hudson and Greg Lavelle but the fact remains their support for Common Core Standards and The Smarter Balanced Assessment will force local school taxes to go up to back-fill the loss of federal funds.

Transparency is the key to true reform and Debbie Downer Hudson couldn’t carry the ball into the end zone! She submitted to Rep Longhurst like a Poodle to a Pitt Bull.  

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