Delaware: S.B. #218 w/SA 1 to add bullying as “good cause”. Bullies stay and victims have to run?

So with this legislation charter students and choice students won’t be trapped in a school where they are being bullied! Sounds fair and a good piece of legislation. HOWEVER, why should the student being bullied be the one forced to leave the school? And by forced, I mean, why isn’t the bully removed? To satisfy this “good cause” surely there will be some kind of documentation suitable for charges against the bully and / or his (her) parents. As far as school “Choice” surely the provisions within the Choice application makes it clear the student can be asked to leave if no adhering to code of conduct. Also, charter schools must have the same provisions. Why should a good student be forced out of a school due to school violence? If we’re not going to effectively address school bullying what happens when the child “on the run” gets bullied at their feeder school assuming they go back or another Choice or charter school. Good intention here but an acknowledgement criminals have more rights! Yes bullies are criminals if their actions causes another students to flee the school. What about student within their feeder schools? Will they be allowed to Choice to another school even if their is no seats or a charter school bypassing the entrance test?

147th General Assembly
Senate Bill # 218 w/SA 1

Primary Sponsor:


Additional Sponsor(s):    Rep. Scott & Rep. K. Williams


Sen. Townsend; Reps. Briggs King, Heffernan, Jaques, Paradee

Introduced on :


Long Title:


Synopsis of Original Bill:

(without Amendments)

This bill amends the definition of good cause to include reported and recorded acts of Bullying as previously defined in Delaware Code. This definition change would allow bullying along with the other factors currently listed under “good cause” to terminate the 1 year charter agreement or 2 year district choice agreement required by law.

Current Status:

Out of Committee   On   06/17/14


One response to “Delaware: S.B. #218 w/SA 1 to add bullying as “good cause”. Bullies stay and victims have to run?

  1. It is also bad because it requires proof and does not get activated by an accusation which should be PLENTY to allow a child to transfer.

    I mentioned this to at least one Senator and he disagreed that any amendments to this flawed bill be made..