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+++UPDATED+++ Profiles in Cowardice, the Delaware Senate bows to Executive intimidation it would seem. #SeparationofPowers#netDE #eduDE

DE Sen Lavelle tweets lame-ass excuse for rewarding Gov. Markell re: Flip-flop vote #edude #netde @destateboarded @gop @senate_gops @GOPleader @reince @huffingtonpost @washingtonpost @delawaretoday

Fall DCAS test would essentially be meaningless, would cost money, and therefore be a distraction and be disruptive.

How in the hell can you measure student academic grow without a baseline! Duh remember DSTP ( Dave Sokola Tricked Parent)? Parents, teachers and all stakeholders demanded a growth model test that provided earlier intervention for students!   

DCAS is a Delaware state stand alone assessment based on a growth model! The Smarter Balanced Assessment is a nationalized standardized test driven by the Common Core Standards driven by WASHINGTON aka federal intervention! So you are saying a state driven assessment test is “a distraction and be disruptive.” But a federally hatched assessment isn’t

Greg, I cannot believe you rewarded Jack Markell, Arne Duncan and the president with your kiss-ass vote.

What was the backroom deal Greg? 

You know Greg, I had a lot respect for you and Hudson!  Hudson bails on House Bill #23 legislation that would have added real transparency and you Greg, you just demonstrated why center republicans have no faith in the party. You take care of the Republicans with big fat bank accounts and just ignore the working class Republicans! Yes Greg, there are “working class republicans”. You vote is a slap in the face to real people! 

Election Greg!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe Hudson and Longhurst can us a pool-boy during their upcoming retirement! And then their is Joe M out in Pike Creek aka no show Joe! 

What Smarter Balanced Assessment Means to Education in Delaware

Exceptional Delaware

The Smarter Balanced test will roll-out in the 2014-2015 academic year if passed by the Senate and Governor Markell.  While parents may think this will be a once a year test, they are very wrong.

According to Brian Touchette, the state director for assessment at the Delaware DOE, modified teaching curriculum is in the process of being introduced to help teachers with transition to Smarter Balanced testing.  This could change teaching as we know it.  One of the biggest hurdles to teaching has been the implementation of Common Core standards, and now how teachers educate will be challenged.  Any educator I have talked to has been against Common Core, but they can never admit it publicly for fear of losing their job.  The DOE, Governor Markell, and Secretary of Education Mark Murphy continuously state that educators are behind this, but fear outweighs common sense.

Mr. Touchette gave a presentation at the…

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Delaware Senator Lavelle flip-flops and jams knife in the backs of parents and students #netde #edude @destateboarded @GOP @senate_GOPs @GOPleader @reince

House Bill # 334

This bill provides for the transition of the statewide student assessment system, the Delaware Comprehensive Student Assessment (DCAS), to the Smarter Balanced Assessment System (Smarter). Specifically, the bill removes references to multiple assessments.

Jun 26, 2014 – Passed by Senate. Votes: Passed 12 YES 9 NO 0 NOT VOTING 0 ABSENT 0 VACANT
Jun 26, 2014 – Roll Call Rescinded in Senate
Jun 26, 2014 – Defeated by Senate. Votes: Defeated 8 YES 13 NO 0 NOT VOTING 0 ABSENT 0 VACANT

Those that flipped from N to Y:

Really fucking nice Senator Lavelle!!!!!!!!! So much for the big Republican talk about federal intervention and control of local schools! It really sucks! Rep Hudson goes belly-up on House Bill #23 and you drop to your knees for Dave Suckola. Then there is Hef’s wife Cosponsoring HB#334 ! All the big state board talk Hef pretending you a tough! So what do we have the, the Ying and Yang of Delaware politics? Zero credibility Hef! She just make your job harder! But than again, state board members are nothing but puppets of the governor.