Delaware Rep Lavelle might want to save some finger pointing for Rep Hudson RE: Special Ed report

Feds: Del. ‘needs intervention’ on special edMatthew Albright, The News Journal

Delaware is doing such a poor job educating special-needs students that the federal government may need to intervene, the U.S. Department of Education announced Tuesday.

Federal officials’ biggest complaint: Delaware is not setting a high bar for those students, letting too many opt out of tests they say provide valuable information about the quality of those students’ education.

There it id, the code ” Opt out” ! The fed is using this Special Ed twist as cover in a counter-offensive to beat-back the nationwide movement to opt out of Common Core Standards’s Smarter Balance ed Assessment. Duncan is worried that if too many parents opt out of state assessment laced with federal intervention it would invalidate Common Core Standards and The Smarter Balanced Assessment

Sen. Greg Lavelle, R-Sharpley, called the results “embarrassing.”

“After all the money and all these changes from Race to the Top, here we have the U.S. Department of Education saying we are one of the three worst states in the country,” Lavelle said. “They are saying we have failed.”

Greg, Rep Hudson is the embarrassment! H.B.#23 would have given even parents of Special Ed students another transparency tool! Also even for herself as attending Red Clay school board meeting is beneath her! where was Miro and Ramone when Red Clay Special ED parents cried out about Red Clay’s inclusion agenda?

Hudson and her mirror-image Valerie Longhusrt need to go and I am calling on parents to help ousted them! Transparency is the key to education reform and Hudson sold us out! Longhurst had a big hand in it with her Dover bitch games. 



14 responses to “Delaware Rep Lavelle might want to save some finger pointing for Rep Hudson RE: Special Ed report

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  2. Judging strictly from the comment above…, Greg Lavelle does not know his ass from a hole in the ground…. If he was doing my yard work today, he’d have seen his ass 16 times.

    This is gay who blames big government for everything… Big government is going to run the elections. Big government is going to inspect election fraud… I heard he was crying about that yesterday along with Bone(-less-)ini… But when BIG GOVERNMENT says something bad about Markell… he champions it and wastes not one second to start hitting Markell’s shaved head with their Big Government proclamation…..

    He obviously didn’t read it, because if he had, he’d be taking the opposite side from what he did… This is an example if proof of what he has past said might be right…. Big Government is not always good.

    Here when he, a Republican, has a chance to prove he isnt’ crazy, what does the do? Becomes a Democrat because he sees a chance to bash Markell… It is just a similar to a a bar fight where someone completely unrelated to the argument wants to jump in to prove how tough he is, and looking for a weapon, the only thing he can find is a napkin, so he starts hitting the governor with it……

    What a silly nut…….

    Based on what Kilroy said, (haven’t read the report yet) and thanks to Kilroy for telling us what was in it)…. I would side with the State on this one… Forcing special ed children with tazers and whips to perform to standards even adults can’t master, I think is cruel… I agree with the state… (so far)… We do need to take better care of our special needs children than what the idiotic Federal Government is trying to do,, and I think because we DID NOT FOLLOW THAT FOOL DUNCUN, we should congratulate ourselves and not hit ourselves too hard on our foreheads because we didn’t walk the full way with Himmler……………

    This report is like Himmler rating camp guards for how many bodies they piled up… Thank goodness we are the third lowest….. Hear. hear…. ,


  3. I missed an edit faux paux.. Second paragraph, third word, was supposed to have a ‘u’ in the middle instead of an ‘a’….


  4. Steven Fackenthall

    I think it’s funny that Lavelle mentions RTTT not helping our SWD…he clearly doesn’t know where the funds went.


  5. The more I read into this, the more I don’t like with the Feds. Can the US DOE change IDEA regulations? I think what’s gotten Delaware into the hot seat is all the crap they have done with special ed over the last 10 years. Had they accommodated some of these kids when they were in elementary school, they might have stood a chance to graduate today. If you listen to the audio recording of the last board meeting on 6/19, you can actually hear them trying to excuse everything by saying there is a huge difference between those who don’t graduate at 18 and those who get their degree up to 21. They will always try to spin rust into gold.


  6. Even if you don’t agree with the Feds strategy, there is no denying Delaware has done a piss poor job with special needs kids. Some schools get it just fine, but the ones that don’t seem to get a pass from the DOE. Unless they get sued up the ass over this stuff, like Pencader, which affects their financial standing, they get away with it.


  7. Sorry to keep rambling on, but don’t forget, Delaware got the warning letter from the feds last year as well. And that was before all the new stuff was added in this year. They have a long way to go before they get out of the feds line of sight.


  8. So here is my problem – the federal expectation for my special needs child is far different than MY expectation for and obligations to my special needs child.

    I need the government to stop comparing my child’s test scores on whatever ridiculous test they use to the scores of children who have never known disability.

    I don’t care about the gap between the two groups. I care that my child receives the right education to enable her to interact with the outside world on her terms to the best of her ability. I want my child’s education to open doors for her future. I want real life skills for my child.

    The tests do not measure this. And I believe my expectations far exceed what the government wants to see.

    I love my child’s current educational placement, I love her IEP, I love the services she receives. I do not want the federal government or Jack Markell to walk into her school and start making changes to further their agenda. And that’s the door this report opens for them.

    I do understand that I am a fortunate special needs parent and that my current experience appears to be shared by few. My heart breaks for those whose children are not receiving the supports they need.

    But, we must proceed with caution:

    Those that opine intervention and perhaps additional funding sources need to be careful what they ask for…

    Look at Race to the Top
    Look at Partnership Zone
    Look at Common Core
    Look at Smarter Balance

    When and where the feds have tread in our state, our children have suffered.


  9. This is why I am emailing every single House Rep and Senator to include parents on SCR 63, the IEP Task Force. I am requesting at least 3 parents on this. I can’t believe they didn’t include parents…


    • Jon–parents and teachers are not included because the others are the experts and know all–when change after change does not work they blame the parents and teachers.
      Parents have to speak with one voice and not allow themselves to be broken in to small groups and DSEA must join them and not those with all the power.


    • Make sure you also insist that the meetings be open to the public and published (with agendas) in advance as FOIA requires. Parent representation on the comittee is great, but transparency is better still. Previous experience shows you can’t always count on open meetings with this bunch.


    • I didn’t say I was going to be the parent! The emails are already done.


  10. Normally I would agree with you on this Jack, but in this case it is a little bit different. Not sure if you have a special needs child, but trust me when I say that those have been through this process with schools are very protective of our children’s rights. I can picture any parent at these meetings having a lot to say. If it were up to me, I say get every single special needs parent in Delaware to vote to see who could best be that one voice on this task force.
    The very reason this task force was created is because of a report that came out yesterday. I don’t think the Delaware Government was expecting this, and they are probably embarrassed due to Delaware being so highly invested in education. They can’t change any legislation at this point, but they will prep for it now so they don’t get the hat trick next year.