Breaking News: Feds Want To Intervene In Delaware Special Education, **Updated**

Exceptional Delaware

According to an article in the Delaware News Journal, the Feds have placed Delaware on a watch list as one of three states to need intervention for special ed students.  This is what I have been saying all along.  Special education in Delaware is severely lacking.  Maybe the powers that be will start to wake up!
Updated: The Huffington Post picks up on this story as well:
Updated again: How about timing? When I read this article I was sitting in Governor’s Café in Dover. In the next room, members of the Delaware Department of Education were having a meeting with their summer interns. In fact, the Secretary of Education, Mark Murphy, was walking out as I walked in. The Executive Director for the Board of Education, Donna Johnson, came in late. After I read the article, I spoke to another woman to see if I could speak…

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2 responses to “Breaking News: Feds Want To Intervene In Delaware Special Education, **Updated**

  1. I just updated it with lots of links to the US Department of Education on why Delaware needs intervention for special education.


  2. William Garfinkel

    In the Huff post article it said: “States receive $11.5 billion in Individuals With Disabilities Education Act funding to improve the education of students with disabilities.” Can someone please explain if Delaware’s share goes directly to the District’s Tuition Tax or is it being eating up by overhead at DOE?