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Why isn’t Red Clay’s board vote to renew CSW’s charter not part of E-News? Anyhow!

It is recommended that the Red Clay Board of Education renew the Charter for the Charter School of Wilmington for an additional five years, effective June 30th, 2014, and that the Charter School of Wilmington’s student enrollment number remain at a maximum total of 970.

Motion by Catherine H Thompson, second by Kenneth J Rivera.

Final Resolution: Motion Carries

Yes: Faith R Newton, Martin A Wilson Sr, Adriana L Bohm, Michael Piccio, Kenneth J Rivera, Catherine H Thompson, Kenneth R Woods

You can go listen  to the digital recording of this meeting to hear some interesting comments. I love the one where a CSW board member requested a 10 years charter renewal. Of course that idiotic request was denied! Then there was a person raising some discrimination concerns about CSW’s unfair enrollment process. That was ignored 

Looks like Red Clay school board once again is blowing smoke up the public ass when they called for a review of CSW enrollment process.

Red Clay school board lacks courage to ax failing DCPA charter school

Probation Extended for DCPA

The Red Clay Board of Education at its June meeting extended probation for the Delaware College Preparatory Academy and will continue to monitor the school, directing the district’s Accountability Committee to make a status report in October, with monthly reports beginning in November. 

Board members unanimously passed a resolution stating: “Based on a review of the Accountability Committee’s Final Report and the supplemental information provided by Delaware College Preparatory Academy including financial assistance offered by their lender, there is not sufficient basis at this time to determine that the charter school has failed to meet the criteria established in Delaware Code Title 14 § 512 (e) economic viability.” 

“The board continues to remain gravely concerned about enrollment, financial viability, and the concerns set forth in the Accountability Committee’s Final Report,’ the resolution continued. “ The Board hereby continues probation for Delaware College Preparatory with the requirement that the charter school provide monthly updates to the District including information concerning the school’s financial condition, enrollment, and all steps taken to address the concerns raised in the Accountability Committee’s Final Report. The Accountability Committee will continue and is directed to submit a report to the Board at the October, 2014 Board meeting concerning DCPA’s status and the school’s compliance with the criteria established by Delaware Code Title 14 §512.

DCPA appears to be taking a Pencader like track with their “lenders”. 

On July 31, 2013 aka start of FY 2013-2014 DCPA reported board approved contingency found of $149,000. August 2013 it was $160,000. And in September 2013 the contingency fund was null. There was no reference to expenditures like it disappeared.  

DCPA missed their April 1st target of 80% enrollment for next school year. This is in direct violation of Title 14 Delaware Code. While the school states they have a large number of pending applications, past history shows the applications may not all result in actual attendance. It is important to note that enrollment continued to decline in the month of May, yet has increased in their recent June marketing campaign.

Here it is June 2014 and a large number of applications are pending! Odds are they are pending and waiting on the Red Clay board’s vote. So it appears these pending application are students still officially enrolled in their feeder school or another school. “Pending” application shouldn’t be considered in the enrollment count.

According to DCPA’s board meeting schedule, June 20, 2014 was the public session meeting of the board yet, when you click June 2014 meeting agenda it’s not linked to agenda information. Ins’t there open meeting laws where agenda are to be posted prior to meeting? Also, May 2014 agenda isn’t posted!

As far as the Citizen Budget Oversight Committee meetings, click March 2014 and you’ll see meeting date for March 2013 an obvious error! That meeting was canceled due to snow. Now go to January 2014 it reads meeting date January 2013 another obvious error.

It appears Red Clay school board has access to information that should be public but is not.

WFT is going Red Clay school board?

Gov Jack Markell pulls “This is as man’s world” on DSCJ Berger

Berger: Markell didn’t take me seriously Maureen Milford, The News Journal

In a bold stand against the Markell administration’s handling of judicial appointments, Delaware Supreme Court Justice Carolyn Berger said her retirement after 30 years on the bench was triggered primarily by Gov. Jack Markell’s failure to consider her as a legitimate contender for the chief justice job.

“What bothers me is I wasn’t taken seriously,” said Berger, a Democrat who is retiring in September with four years years left in her term. “I’m not angry. I’m disappointed.”