Daily Archives: June 19, 2014

Delaware Legislation on Mary-Jane VERY FLAWED

Softer marijuana penalties advance in House Jonathan Starkey, The News Journal

The legislation, sponsored by Rep. Helene Keeley, a Wilmington Democrat, would replace criminal penalties with $250 civil fines for anyone 21 or older in Delaware found possessing an ounce or less of marijuana for personal use. Fines double if unpaid after 90 days. The marijuana also would be turned over to police.

Keeley said in committee testimony that it’s not appropriate to saddle Delawareans with criminal charges, which could prevent them from finding a job, for possessing small amounts of marijuana. Buying and selling the drug would remain illegal under her proposal.

“The main reason I’m doing this is day in and day out, I see folks who are applying for positions and they are denied employment based upon something they did many years ago,” Keeley said.

If possession of marijuana become legal aka decriminalized and people over 21 are free to smoke it what happens when their employer or potential employers performs random drug testing? Many companies has zero tolerance and will not hire and will fire employees with trace amounts in their system. Rep Keeley boohoo TFB for those with criminal charges! They violated the law!  Personally I can live with legalizing marijuana. However, the legislation creates a demand whereas those illegally selling marijuana are the big financial winners. Also, the law would allow possession but arrest the person if caught buying it. Marijuana should be legalized and tax! Will employees tested re: trace amounts but not high get unemployment if fired?