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Delaware: Rep Hudson falls on face “again” re: H.B.#353

House education panel tables parent funding plan

By Jen Rini
Delaware State News

DOVER — After much heated debate, lawmakers on the House Education Committee tanked a bill that would have allowed parents to use state allocated public school funding as they see fit. 

House Bill 353, named the Parent Empowerment Education Savings Account Act, was meant to empower parents, the bill’s sponsor, House Minority Whip Rep. Deborah Hudson, R-Fairthorne, emphasized.

The bill, tabled in committee Wednesday, would have allowed parents to place a portion or all of the state aid that would have been provided to support the child in their resident school district into a fund, managed by the state treasurer, in order to have more control of their education and success rates.

This is more proof Rep. Hudson’s time has come as state legislator re: H.B.#353! Then there is H.B.#23 she sponsored that would require all traditional public school districts, votech districts and charter schools boards to record public session of their board meetings and put online for all to hear. The Delaware State Board of Education does so by law. Red Clay, Christina, Capital, Brandywine, Delman and Colonial school board does so “voluntarily”. Rep Hudson abandoned H.B.#23 after Rep Longhurst told her it’s not going to a full vote! H.B#23 cleared the House Education Committee and House Appropriation Commitee. Rep. Hudson gave up the fight and Rep Longhurst blew in the Speaker of The House’s ear to not select it from Ready List and put on House Agenda.

So now we move full-force into the 2014 election cycle where Hudson and Longhurst have opponents. Hudson and Longhurst screwed-up one of the best transparency tools parents could have! Publius says, there is the FOIA process! Nothing but bullshit roadblocks whereas, digital audio recordings would solved the problem. 

As far as Rep. Hudson, she stood-by and did nothing in Red Clay School District (her own school district) when parents of special needs students and ELL students cried for help and support. According to State PTA public communication they came in and save the day! Rep. Hudson was a NO SHOW!

Rep. Hudson wasted her time with H.B.#353 calling it more important than H.B.#23! Pretty much code for she fears real transparency that would help empower parents. Hudson plays-down the fact she was a founding member of Pencader’s board of directors and bailed when things were getting sour. I am very confident Pencader would be still open if Rep. Hudson aka Pencader Board of Directors would have enacted board policy that called for recording public sessions of board meetings. 

The time is now to explore Rep. Hudson and Rep. Longhurst’s opponents! Honestly, it really sucks when a legislators like Hudson blows the transparency horn that could help parents and taxpayers better engage the issues then turns around and drops to her knees for Rep. Longhurst and her best bud Peter.

Re: Academia Antonia Alonso Charter school

Looks like Academia Antonia Alonso Charter school will be permitted to open under probation conditions.

This charter school only reported 85 student enrollment as of April 1, 2014. 85 students is only 28.3% of required minimum if 80% enrollment. However, they reported 263 students on May 22, 2014. I have no clue how they pulled-off this amazing recovery! Approval by the Delaware State Board of Education is a shoe-in! The State Board are fitted with Markell knee pads and just do a little saber rattling before the approve everything asked of them. Also. looks like one Academia Antonia Alonso Charter school bailed.

See for yourself

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