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Coalition wants school discipline changes; Matthew Albright, The News Journal

Out-of-school suspensions in Delaware are disproportionately affecting black, Hispanic and special-needs students, putting them on the fast-track to prison and setting them up for social failure, a group of Wilmington and New Castle County leaders and state activists say.

Calling themselves the Coalition for Fairness & Equity in Schools, they are urging the Delaware Department of Education to more openly report who is being suspended – and for what. They also are pushing school districts to work more closely with communities to find other ways to maintain a positive school climate.

“When it comes to violence in the City of Wilmington, one of the root causes is education. It’s not the kids with high school diplomas who are on the corner with a gun,” said Wilmington Councilman Nnamdi O. Chukwuocha. “But, unfortunately, our system is pushing students out of school with these no-tolerance discipline policies.”

I think it’s a fair request that DE DOE provides a more defined discipline report based on race, grade level and individual schools.

Personally I think we need to scrap Markell’s pet projects like Chinese immersion programs and redirect those funds to add crisis interventionist starting with school with high discipline issues. 

Crackhead Delaware legislators want sound level study done on I-495 before it reopens which has nothing to do with structural concerns

147th General Assembly
Senate Joint Resolution # 11

Primary Sponsor:


Additional Sponsor(s):    Rep. Heffernan


{ NONE…}

Introduced on :


Long Title:


Synopsis of Orginal Bill:

(without Amendments)

This joint resolution directs DelDOT to immediately conduct a sound level study and report the results to the General Assembly before the reopening of I-495. These studies can be compared with previous high traffic noise levels.

Current Status:

Senate Highways & Transportation Committee   On   06/10/2014

What a bunch of crackheads we have in Dover! I-495 is closed due to structural issues and this legislation is requiring a sound level study that has nothing to do with structural issues.

WHEREAS, highway traffic noise and construction noise has important environmental impacts and can interfere with normal human activities. 

Look closely! McDowell and Heffernan wants the sound study done before I-495 is reopened. How in the fuck can DelDot perform a traffic sound study while I-495 is closed? Don’t you need “traffic” and at normal usages to perform an accurate study? 

If teachers are not required to join a union why should they get union contract pay or representation? RE S.B.#250

147th General Assembly
Senate Bill # 250

Primary Sponsor:



Sens. Hocker, Lawson, Simpson, Venables; Reps. Dukes, Gray, Wilson

Introduced on :


Long Title:


Synopsis of Orginal Bill:

(without Amendments)

This Bill creates a right to work law in Delaware.

  1.   Right to refrain.

No person shall be required, as a condition or continuation of employment, to:

(1)       become or remain a member of a labor organization;

(2)       pay any dues, fees, assessments, or other similar charges, however denominated, of any kind or amount to a labor organization; or

(3)       pay to any charity or other third party, in lieu of such payments, any amount equivalent to or pro rata portion of dues, fees, assessments, or other charges required of members of a labor organization.

OMG! DE Sec of Ed is getting a personal aid! WHY?

Aide to the Secretary of Education

Title of position:  Aide to the Secretary of Education

Date of Employment:  Open to discussion – but as soon as possible is preferred!

Closing Date for Application:  June 18, 2014

Description of Position:

We are looking for an energetic, mature, self-directed individual to serve as Aide to the Secretary of Education.  If you are passionate about education and public service and excited by the prospect of working closely with state leaders on Delaware’s ambitious education goals, then we want to hear from you!

As Aide to Secretary Murphy, you will be the point-person on a range of day-to-day activities, from gate-keeper to his calendar and schedule, to helping create briefings, policy memos (including a weekly memo to the Governor) and presentations, to anticipating challenges and serving as a tireless problem solver. 

Qualities you will need to thrive in this role:

  • Comfort with fluid, high-stakes, low-oversight work environments that require you to make decisions without significant direction

  • Initiative – anticipate and act on needs before you are asked

  • Strong organizational, clerical, and writing skills; know how to multi-task, prioritize, and “get things done”

  • A humble and positive attitude; no challenge is too large or problem too small for your best effort

  • Know Adobe Acrobat, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel like the back of your hand

  • Fantastic people skills – you will have significant interaction with stakeholders within the Department of Education (DOE) and in the general public seeking access to Secretary Murphy; it’s a task that demands considerable patience and that you treat everyone with professionalism and respect

What we offer is an exciting and meaningful experience that affords unparalleled access to the Secretary of Education and the Department’s senior leadership.  You will work with some of the most passionate, dedicated, and capable leaders in the country who are committed to developing you – whatever your ultimate career goals.  Above all, you will be at the center of an exciting movement in Delaware that is driving significant improvements in the learning experiences our children have each day.

How to Apply:

Contact our Human Resource Officer, Mary L. Cooke for more information (see below for details).  Please provide a completed Department employment application, a copy of your resume and a brief message explaining your interest and background.  DDOE application for employment is available at:www.doe.k12.de.us/job/default.shtml